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Foxspike (oh yea that blew up real good)

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Name: Matt Roughan


Me and my friend Julie


Me and my very Beautiful friend Beckie, hands up who thinks shes really pretty

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Hi Im Matt im open to debate about anything, God, Reliogn, Governments, oil, war, wealth, Gay marriage, Gay people, drugs, smoking any thing. give me a try u might find im full of surprises. i like getting messages, saves me coming to get u lol.

(the following statements are not my opinions, they are thought provoking questions. if u want to skip them to see my top ten bands and films feel free. if u want to talk about them )

DID HITLER HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA? was he trying to save the world from its self. making every one the same would it eliminate war forever?

SHOULD PARENTS BE ALLOWED TO PICK THE CHILD THEY WANT TO ELIMINATE GENETIC DISORDERS? designer babies to pick clever, good looking or athletic children. and lessen the chance that the child will be born with health problems or the like

IS PLAYING WITH GENETICS THE WAY FORWARD FOR MANKIND? this is about taking genes from certain animals add adding them to other animals genetic code or vegetables. maximize food production

SHOULD GAY PEOPLE BE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN? quite basic really what are your thoughts on a child having two dads or two mums?

on the one hand it has given us hope and thoughts there are forces at work that are higher than our selves and that death is not the end. but with the other we have a massive collision of opinion, that has caused much strife and suffering for people 

My top 10 bands

Lynyrd Skynyrd the kings of country rock what can i say if you ain't heard free bird you don't know what you are missing

Led Zeppelin well it was hard to choose between the two but i guess on a song factor it was Skynyrd but it was a close call again stairway to heaven what a song 

Queen they are the best band in the world every one likes at least one song by them

Pink Floyd great band that wail out some brill stuff and its different they did some real weird stuff but still mint

Deep Purple (live) this is third for live purposes mostly. Live in Japan blows your mind, have to love it

The Who was punk before punk was punk and really lots of other things either way brilliant.

Tito & Tarantula not heard of them well that's ok they do all the Mexican style rock music in films like Dusk Till Dawn and Desperado

Iron Maiden the Gods of the metal scene been rocking for over 20 years and still wipe the floor with every thing else

The Lord of the Rings not a group but the music through out the films is brilliant have to say there is little better in the way of music score for a film

Hans Zimmer. the bloke is brilliant listen to the stuff in The Last Samurai. there were tears at the end of that film real ones to. can grown men weep openly? 

My Top 10 Films

Star Wars just the old ones really i thought attack of the clones was enjoyable but as for the others one had too much CGI cartoon silly child stuff and sith fell short every where it was too rushed i think, may have been easier with 4 prequels but as well.

Terminator 1&2 brilliant loved the idea behind it all so good that Arnie made his Career thanks to it (with the help Conan) 

Lord of the Rings Trilogy the best put together book adaptation ever made, and if not still a great set of films. Helm's Deep is still the best Battle ever.

The Punisher the resent one not old one it was and underground hit and has built a large following group. hands together for Tom Jane and John Travolta. well scripted, cast and directed.

Diehard Trilogy 'how does this shit happen to the same guy twice?' Then a third time (not at Christmas) a must watch Christmas film every year and with added 4th film how brilliant.

The Last Samurai was beautiful, Tom Cruise can act can u belive it? i couldnt. i think every thing about it was dead set i couldnt find anything to complain about.  

Starship Troopers yes i know, a no brainier with giant man eating bugs with lots of nasty sharp points. Lots of very violent deaths and some rather nasty ways to die. Man met his over sized match.

Aliens 1&2 (some times 3 and 4) Now this is how sad i am, i can name all the marines in Aliens. Riply showed the world women can throw down with the best of them and added an excellent role model for girls if only they were old enough to watch it. 

The Crow. it is a brilliantly done film that i think can be misunderstood. i did, long ago i'd only would look at the cover and think bah goth horror film. How wrong was i. Such a sad story, and yet in moments so happy like the part where Sarah (the girl goes looking for him. it has the most beautiful music and the dialog is un-floored. "Sarah i do care" another grown man weeping moment. im a sentimental old fool aint i   

Indiana Jones Trilogy they are great, best adventure films around nothing beats them the bit with the boulder that rolls after him has been done in other things for comic value(see Simpsons) also the fighting of Nazis can you name another of histories greatest villains.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 26

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Newcastle

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests
action gameschatemail
information seekingmusicstrategy games

bluesclassicalheavy metal

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 180

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