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leola (Prends moi, je suis a toi.. Mea Culpa)

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Name: Lauryn



Moi et mon chat, Dandy. Hes old now, we grew up together. Hes my best four-legged buddy in the whole wide world. =D

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkAdventurerTravelling bard



Here are the Rules.

1. I Do NOT cyber. with anyone.

2. I will not tolerate bad spelling unless you have a decent reason (e.g. youre from Ghana.)

3. I will not reply to 'hi', 'hey', 'hows u' or ANYTHING to that effect. MAKE me WANT to message you back.

4. No, im not going to give you my hotmail, my mobile, or any ext.ET contact of any form. TALK TO ME FIRST.

Keep the english language pure

Why do we create these false realities?
Seeking in another qualities
We talk ourselves into thinking we might find?

Why do we stretch to gaze straight through
The mask, and find another view
When that mask is the stone-set version of their mind?

What’s the reason for such pretence,
These lies they build like a fence
To hide so cowardly in shade?

It is a foolish mistake
To search beyond persona fake -
For lies and deceit will never fade.

DELUSIONS, by Lauryn

so.. what can i tell you?

My name is lauryn.
I have a lot of virtues, such as fortitude, loyalty, intelligence and confidence.

I also have many vices. Im schizotypal, histrionic and [Oh so vain].

I currently study the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome at the University of Swansea. It's good, mostly. But my bodyclock is 6 hours too fast.

i have to get 40% in my exams to pass this year. [screwed.]

physically, i am 5'1", and 118lbs. naturally light brunnette, light eyes. some people say theyre yellow.

i say theyre hazel.

The Band challenge...Answer 10 questions using only song titles from a chosen band.
chosen band: AC/DC

1. Are you male or female?: whole lotta rosie
2. Describe yourself: hells bells
3. How do some people feel about you?: dirty deeds (done dirt cheap)
4. How do you feel about yourself?: thunderstruck
5. Describe your family?: TNT
6. Where would you rather be?: highway to hell
7. Describe what you want to be: back in black
8. Describe how you live: rock and roll aint noise pollution
9. Describe how you love: you shook me all night long
10. Describe what you hate: the jack

and for Pink Floyd...

1. Are you male or female?: See Emily Play
2. Describe yourself: High hopes
3. How do some people feel about you?: Shine on you crazy diamond
4. How do you feel about yourself?: Marooned
5. Describe your family?: Sheep
6. Where would you rather be?: Learning to fly
7. Describe what you want to be: The great gig in the sky
8. Describe how you live: Money
9. Describe how you love: Wish you were here
10. Describe what you hate: Us and them


I, quite simply, am a satanist. This belief is derived from my own personal experiences that lead me to believe that God has turned a blind eye on the fortunes of the human race. This said, i am open to other theories, and i love discussing my theories and other people's theories. But please, dont try to tell me God loves me, or any of that stuff. i dont impose my beliefs on you, treat others how you wish to be treated, and if you want to flame my beliefs, be forewarned, your response may be a little less than polite, unless you are polite yourself.

[deuteronomy 28:19 - You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.]


(i made this pic, this is my Holy symbol.)
For night to exist there must be day.
For man to exist there must be woman.
For love to exist there must be hate.
For peace to exist there must be war.
For good to exist there must be evil.

Above all i believe in keeping a balance, and i wander in darkness the same as i wander in light. No side is less important or worthy of angels, for we need it all to survive.


Lotion: soft skin
Rubber: modern age
CD: music
Bed: life's two pleasures: love and sleep!
Paper: art and creativity
Run: fatigue
Candle: dim lights
Mouse pad: DAMN COMPUTER! >_<
Sweatshirt: looking good in your boyfriends sweater.. the one thats way too big.
Door: change
Pictures: memories
Flowers: old ladies
Deodorant: smelly people that need it?
Pencil: art
Sex: addictive
Radio: music


Heres four fingers, KISS my fuckin' diamonds!

I like a lot of music. It depends on my mood really what i listen to on whatever day. One thing people seem to like about me is that i can easily adapt to what theyre listening to.

- With my dad, i can go bombing down motorways at 120mph, listening to AC/DC or Government Mule at full blast. Classic rock is our thing. Going to see Rush in October.

- With my mum, we can listen to all the sappy artists and the mellow music, such as Suzy Bogguss(country) or beautiful south.

- With my friends, we can be cruising through town listening to total chav music like DJ Cammy or r'n'b, ne-yo for example, and il be sat in the back of the car singing along.

- On my own, i like to listen to a lot of progressive things, electronic music and J-rock. e.g. Assemblage 23/ayria or malice mizer. Or, i listen to a lot of heavier metal, such as Metallica.

- I despise Tupac Shakur, or any other gangsta rapper. Rap should be spelt with a C, it isn't lyrical genius, its talking fast, i can do that when im puking up vodka in the gutter. Having said that, i can handle Rap-metal. (e.g. kidrock or Uncle Kracker.

Yes, im a very complicated person. My point is, music doesnt define what we are. Im not emo, punk, goth, chav, wigga, trendy... whatever sterotype you want to put on me. Hers a stereotype: [Music lover.]

~Come on baby drive south, with the one you love~

want to hear whats going on in my life?

rants, raves and randomness

[anything else?]

actually yeah...

elftown gods
infinity's twilight
bea's fans
house zappers

winky winky bum bum, poo poo titty titty, winky winky bum bum poo?!

is that it?

[i think so...]


[pretty sure.]

the voices in my head never gimme a straight answer. *sigh...*

a shout out to all those people on here that rock my world. you put some colour into my life. yes! all of you! Oo

[Fxk Teh Foolz Lets CX-ut][SlightlySaner][Guitar_Monster][TheVmprSlyr][DarkRedKrueger][Dark Erk][Elvenlord][zsxdcf][someelf][Riv][blackphoenix][AlexKazhanau][ALHaNa][XReaverX][Kinyo_Samaria][Khronos][Your Kryptonite][My Sorrows Never Die][Hannibal.][Zantia][Vincent Le~Ciel][cheeky_jojo69][Konobi][Project Engel][nightwolf][Poetic][Kylara.][-dot-][Absolute_Zero][xxjoyclarisexx][Leonedus][I stabbith ye]


done by the lovely Ana! i forget her house name now but as soon as i know it il put it down. Thanks Ana!

Mark, 5:9 - And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

Age: 27Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 9

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 51°47.910'N 5°2.034'W

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Swansea

Known languages

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat

heavy metalnew ageopera
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
catschasing the preferred sexchess
role playingsingingshopping
theatrewatching sportwriting

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 157

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