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Blue Hawk (haven't been on in a very long time... darn)

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Name: Silvia


Drawing missing.

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I have finally taken my biggest step towards becoming an author. I joined NaNoWrimo. For those of you who don't know what that is, its basically a challenge to write 50,000 words in one month, which is about the length of a novel, maybe novella. I've so far gotten past the 30,000 word mark, and plan to finish it by the end of the week (aka 11:59 on Fri the 30th). The main characters are (so far) Ria (the heroine), Henri(the hero), Aaron, Lily, Evan, and Rosaline. Its a bit of a Romance Fantasy novel so far, but I plan on much more action (and not in the romantic way) soon.

I am currently only letting dear friends and family read it, as I have done absolutely no editing and am too embarrased to share it anywhere else yet, especially since I plan on publishing it sometime. It really is my best work so far, and I'm treating it like a little baby to young to see the world yet. After all, a giant piece of my soul is in it, and isn't that basically what a baby is? A giant piece of your soul that you can't do without. ^-^

Title: "Daughter of Faeries"
I'm using my pen name Silvia Palmer, but may change it back to my real last name at some point.

The most important thing you need to know about me, is that I love to laugh. I don't have a pretty laugh, but that doesn't matter to me (much). I created a wiki, where I put a ton of funny things, which I plan to add to over time. (note: vulgar humor is only enjoyed to a point)

Please Visit Blue's page of laughs!

WARNING: The following Person is a bit touched in the head.

2nd Warning: This crazy person wrote ALOT of stuff about herself on this page, so if you don't care for reading, stop now.

Last warning: don't message this person with "HI" or "HEY" unless you're a friend. Strike up a conversation, use your brain. And don't ask her to cyber with you or anything disgusting like that, okay?

I've recently started writing again, inspired by some of my friends. I hope its a good story. I haven't done much editing to it yet, its still a work in progress and not very good yet. Go to Blue's story to read it. (UPDATE: this is the old version of "Land of Kanians", but feel free to read it anyways)

More about me: blue's page

Random Stuff Area

Due to the new writing rules, I find myself with a sadly smaller description, and feel the need to add more to it.

So here's a impulsive poem I wrote the day of the Homecoming Dance. I saw one of my good friends and her bf there and she and I talked a lot about how her bf and her don't need physical stuff to make their relationship amazing. They just like being together. This, and the fact that I'm just plain tired of sitting out the slow dances, inspired me to write this over the weekend.

Sweep Me Off My Feet

Come sweep me off my feet.
It’s time I had some happiness.
You’ve been a long time coming
I need you here with me

I need a hug;
A laugh; a kiss;
Please tell me
I’m the one

Take me dancing,
Let me lose myself
In the music,
And see only you.

Fill me with the joy
That will fill my heart
To bursting, and more.
I want to feel that with you.

You shouldn’t be perfect
And you needn’t be much.
Because if you’re the one,
You’ll be everything to me.

Give me that hope
That I’m meant for something more
That you need me
As much as I need you

There’s a chance we won’t last,
Couples rarely do at our age.
But for the time we are together
We’d be the ones they envy.

Our love wouldn’t be just lust.
We could want to embrace and kiss,
But our relationship wouldn’t
Just center on the physical.

We’d be happy just to talk
Just to be together
To laugh together,
To smile together.

We’d watch the stars
Recall old times,
Talk about the future
And hope to always be together

Secretly I’d wonder
If we would grow old together
And perhaps we would
Perhaps we wouldn’t.

It might all end in a blink.
But wouldn’t it be worth it?
Wouldn’t it be enough?
Just to have been together at all?

So come find me,
Or I’ll find you
We deserve each other
We really do.

Please end this loneliness
That my friends can’t fill.
Show me love
Show me life.

Show me that
I’m not alone
I’m not one person
In a world of people.

Make me glow with love
Make their heads turn
When a love like ours
Fills and warms the room.

You’re out there,
I just know it
Find the path,
Take the chance.

Take that risk
That I might just be
The one for you.
Sweep me off my feet.

Let me know what you think! I love talking to people, and would love any feedback. :)


Someone once asked me what I thought about drugs and smoking. I answered,"I don't believe in suicide."

(Yes, that is an original quote from me, not copied)


My sis [Coldfire1] created this wiki. I command thee to visit it! lol Song of the day



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