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angel4u (happy!)

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Name: Diana

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Hey y'all what's up? My name is Diana. I LOVE to sing. I am very outgoing and I love to hang out and chat with friends and family. I love to sing i'm like...singing almost 24/7 and I love it. I'm not bad at all at singing either. Anyways.... if I get some rude messages then I'm deleting your butts. You got it? I'm almost always kind, caring and just thoughtful of others. Dont get on my bad side 'cuz you dont wanna see it. Trust me on that!!!
I love my fiancee with all my heart!!
Oh, and i have two kids, a son (4) and a daughter (3).!!
001: Name : Diana
002: Nickname: D, at work they call me Dirty D (because of michael jackson song "dirty diana" lol
003: Country of living: USA
004: Birth date: 7/23/86
005: Length: What exactly are you measuring?
006: Eye colour: Brown
007:Shoe size: 6 1/2 i believe
008: School/Work: graduated from PTI
009: You smoke: Never will
010: Hobby's: Singing
011: Brothers/Sisters: 2 Bro, twin Sis
012: Relationship: engaged
013: Piercing(s): Ears
014: Tattoo: No
015: Fave Country to go to: France 'cuz you see Just kidding. i never been anywhere else.
016: Are there people you wont reply to?: Yes
017: Coolest person you met this year: My fiancee and some gurlies online
018: Person you rather not have met this year: A co-worker named Susan
019: Who would you like to meet: Everyone
020: Who do you admire most: My fiancee, my son and my family
021: Most sexy person(s): My fiancee
022: Favorite Pajama: My tinkerbell pjs
023: Favorite Car: BMWs?
024: Favorite Movie(s): The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, How to loose a guy in 10 days, Lilo and Stitch, Havannah Nights, Spanglish, Mother in law, Cinderella, Amityville Horror, Alot Like Love, Hitch, and many more!
025: Favorite music: Mainly country but usually all kinds except for gospal
026: Favorite City(s): Pittsburgh
027: Favorite Plush: My stuff bears that my fiancee gave me!!
028: Favorite perfume: Lucky You, Calvin Klein
029: Favorite Magazine: 17 magazine
030: Favorite sound: ...
031: Favorite TV-series: American Idol, and Desperate Housewives, LOST, Heroes and CSI: Miami, dexter
032: Favorite Writer: no idea
033: Favorite Nickname: have no favorites
034: What is on your mousepad: nothing, i'm using a laptop
035: What is under your bed: nothin at the moment
036: Favorite color: Baby blue :D
037: Favorite Song ever: "How Do I Breathe" by Mario
038: Favorite song(s) at this moment: Ride For You by Danity Kane
039: Favorite food(s): Pizza and Sketti
040: Favorite class in school: English
041: Favorite drink(s): Milk, Kool-aid and Seirra Mist Soda
042: Lucky number: 5
043: What do you think is greatest about yourself: My singing voice
044: What deodorant do you use: N.Y.O.B.
045: Favorite shoes: Dont have any
046: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: Whenever my son goes to bed
047: What word do you use most: "whatever",and "freakin A"
048: the most important in your life: My son and also my unborn child as well
049: Most embarrassing moment in your life: You dont wanna know
050: You spend your time rather inside or outside: depends on where my son is which is mainly inside lol.
051: What do you do in the weekends?: Hang out with friends or my whole family and sing the day away but MAINLY AT WORK
052: What class in school do/did you dislike most: It was Human Resource Management
053: Your Breakfast: Cereal
054: What do you really really dislike to eat: Seafood and spinach. i'm very picky at what i eat
055: Pets: None (both of my parakeets died)
056: Laugh or dream: Both
057: Serious or funny: Depends on my mood
058: Fast or slow: Both
059: You prefer being alone or have relation: Have relation.
060: Simple or complicated?: I think...both......?
061: Cremate or Buried when dead?: Buried
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: now its try to go to bed early lol
064: Light or dark? love the dark now
065: Speak or Silence: Depends
067: Newspaper: Never
068: Hug or kiss: Both
069: Happy or Sad: Happy
070: Life or Death: Life
071: Jig or Disco: ...Disco?
072: Left or Right: Lefty!!!!
073: Sausages on top, or on the side: The side
074: Dark/ Red/ Blonde: Dark Auburn lol
075: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question: To love me and accept me in heaven 'cuz I'm trying to do the best I can to do things right
076: You believe in reincarnation: Yes
077: You believe in Aliens: Dunno
078: When you die, what will be your last words?: That I love my family to pieces and whatever i have done wrong, i appologize
079: Does true love exist: Yes
080: How many kids would you like to have:
already have one but might like 20
81: What is the one thing you can't stand: People who are assholes, and are annoying
082: Best feeling: In love
083: Worst feeling in the world: Being in a depression or right after a breakup
084: What are you afraid of: Spiders and Ppl in the dark, Clowns, and mostly losing my fiancee and my son
085: Are you an emotional person: yes very much at times
086: Do you ever cry during a movie: It depends on what I watch!
087: Your goal in life: To succeed the most in life
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: To never give up no matter how hard I try
089: Favorite art-artist: No idea
090: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: White Tiger
091: What is the most good looking part on the male body: Their face but it doesnt matter what they look like. It's the personality that truely matters though.
092: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: Well it happened in his apartment, while i was sitting on his couch. lol. but the most romantic place would be either at a romantic dinner for two or like where the scenery is very nice. lol
093:What do you think of Elftown: I likey!! The people that i know are very VERY polite to me. love it!!
094: Is there something you miss about elftown: Not yet
095: Where did you get this question list: Stripie the clown
095: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: Messenger/Checking e-mail and myspace
096: Is there a question you missed in this all: Nope. dont think so!!

A girl and guy were speeding, on a motorcycle, over 90 mph on the road..
Girl: Slow down. I’m scared.
Guy: No, this is fun.
Girl: No, it’s not. Please, it’s too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? It’s bugging me.
(In the paper the next day)
A motorcycle crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it, but
only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his
breaks broke, but he didn’t want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved
him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.
..*..If you love someone this much put this on your site..*..

Age: 29Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 23

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

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Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Town: Pittsburgh

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

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Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests
chatemailinformation seeking

countryheavy metalhip hop

Other interests
animalsboard gamesbooks
horsespoetryrole playing
singingsoap operasshopping

Civil status: live together with partner

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 152

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