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Ayden Cross (is studying for some major change.)

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They say there's no such place... as Paradise.
Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on.
But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?
A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."


"Ol skool style."

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My name is Chad, and I'm a student at NEIA.

<img:stuff/star5.gif>I am Ayden Cross

I'm an animation student, and that's practically it.

My life is pretty twisted. I'm not really sure what to tell you. (Edit) I'm learning. That's the honest truth.

<img:stuff/star5.gif><img:stuff/star5.gif><img:stuff/star5.gif>Starlight- Because some events you just can't explain..It's almost movie-like.<img:stuff/star5.gif><img:stuff/star5.gif><img:stuff/star5.gif>

I enjoy art, writing, martial arts, swordplay, and of course, lounging around.


And now, the numerous dimensions of Ayden Cross...for your pleasure.

<img0*500:stuff/AydenCrossbyCloe.jpg>It's Ayden Cross! I don't know if I want it colored, though...

Illustrated by the amazing Cloe. *I totally have her permission, so please don't think I stole this.* She drew this for me, because she's awesome. Please check out her amazing stuff at Just click on that link to see the original and her other awesome artwork. Be sure to comment on her stuff!

<img:stuff/star5.gif>The Story of Ayden Cross Wanna know how I got the name [Ayden Cross]? It all started with this story I wrote in High school. Read it, burn it, whatever. But, I'm planning on illustrating it. Someday.

<img:stuff/star5.gif>Ayden Cross's quote page- Moments of brilliance/stupidity that I happened to catch.

<img:stuff/star5.gif>The Adventures of Ayden college. -Harrowing tales of awkwardness, perversion,

<img:stuff/star5.gif>Ayden Cross' Pics- Pictures of the clan. And me cross dressing. Just...throwin' that out there.

<img:stuff/star5.gif>For pictures to AydenCross, the Bishonen for some recent pictures. Don't blame me if I ruined it for you. I wake up to this face.

<img:stuff/star5.gif>And finally, Ayden Cross attempts PHOTOSHOP! Because I'm a noob.

Some very close people to me on the site that you may get a kick out of:

<img:stuff/star5.gif>[Pat the Baker]



<img:stuff/star5.gif>[Soren The Warrior]

<img:stuff/star5.gif>[Tenkai Star]


'Eternal Snow' - Myco

Ever since I had fallen in love with you... about how long has it been?
This feeling only continues to grow.
Do you realize this feeling?
Although I've never said it once,
Like the snow.... only quietly
It continues to pile up
Hold me tight, if this is how it feels,
Then the feeling of falling in love with someone was one I didn't want to know
I love you and my tears won't stop
If this be it, then
I should never have known you
How long will I continue to think of you?
My sigh clouded the window glass...
Isn't my swaying heart now
melting with the candle light?
Hold me tight, strong as if you were to break me apart...
Even if the trees wither, or we encounter a windstorm
I won't feel cold
I miss you... just thinking of you...
This knitted muffler...
Tonight again I will embrace myself alone
If there is snow that falls for all of eternity...
Would it hide my continuous feeling for you?
Hold me tight, if this is how it feels
Then the feeling of falling in love with someone was one I didn't want to know
I love you ...
this feeling building up in my heart
I want to shout under the winter sky,
"I want to see you right now"

"Deep within...There is only light."



<img:stuff/star5.gif>"In these stars I seek the answers."


"Let's go together."


And finally, it's our moment of glory. Much to the dismay of my friend, [agha], I've posted up our AP literature project from Senior year. It's a Star Wars version of Shakespeare's Othello. It stars [agha], my other friend, [ElectricJello], and yours truly, [Ayden Cross]. Enjoy.


ROFL. Holy shit, ROFL.


(Taken at AnimeBoston. This picture makes me happy to no end... I almost posed with them. But they held me back. Yeah. Fucking Putty bastards.)

Yeah... I'll admit it. I'm a horrible influence.

Age: 28Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 13

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Place of living: USA-Maine

Town: Mexico

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Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

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Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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information seekingmusicvideo
web design

adult popalternativeclassical

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animeartboard games
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
pornrole playingscifi
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Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 167

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