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Name: Hoffman. Spencer Hoffman




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the murder at split rock

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Racism is as bad as racism


[The most random thing ever!]

And onward say the lemmings as they marched into open maw that is the bottom of God's toenail cavity. - [Nekko fox]


Daily Poem Submissions

I remember way back in the other towns,
When I hardly existed.
Now I can see the world in front of me,
I smile more often now,
I cry more often now.
I always had to prove my point,
Just to get my piece of mind.
Now I see the world in front of me,
I see the flowers for their beauty.
Instead of choosing to see the flowers.
So you can sit there and deny the truth,
But just know that it will turn out to be your noose.

I always remain the same.
Through moves and changes,
Through thousands of read pages,
Through inspiring events,
Through trials of repent,
Through sicknes and health,
Through noticing I'm an empty shell,
I always remain the same.


As the sun beats down,
I say "god take me now!"
I beg god please,
as I fall to my knees.
As the sweat and blood drips from head,
I wish to drop dead.
But instead,
I am fed,
With pain, anger, and bullets of lead.
I am already dead.

Look at me,
masking pain with laughter,
cut to two hours after
for all the pain that you caused
For all the lives you have paused.
Is in every one, everything
Greed, for that ching ching ching
of your pocket.
And in your mind your a pretty nice guy
You may be fulfilled and look at the sky
But don't, but don't, but don't
At this point give up.
don't mask all your pain and try to act Tough
You will end up like me,
You will bottle up your insecurities
But day that bottle will shatter
Making you a useless matter
So be happy, and help other people out
And at the top of your lungs shout shout shout
That you love every one, everything
Even those low selfish beings
Yes that's right every single one
Cuz before you know it your life is done.

Prism mind, Prison mind

My mind is like a prism,
In that I take a thought and break it into all of its seperate peices.
My mind is like a prison,
In that my sucurity is insucure.
My mind is like a prism,
In that I bend thoughts to my liking.
My mind is like a prison,
In that I keep my thoughts in and release them depending on how bad they are.
I guess thats where they got the sooner the better.


Random poem

... it's quiet in here so i'll write a poem.
maybe it'll have dragons that spray green foam
maybe a wizard with a magical tome
or the concieted cofee shop employee selling scones
a telemarketer annoying people with ring tones
or the guy on the other end smashing down the phone... theres alot of things that ryhme with poem...





Made for me by


go to her house, shes the coolie-est-ness...


*cricket noise*


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fort w.a.c.-Home of the most randome people ever.

plotless-A realy fun rp.

The nightmare-I'm Borris the drunk...hehe

The seven seas-A cool idea

Warriors of the feather-My new wiki.



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