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White Mage (こんにちは。始めまして。私の日本語はへたです。(^ - ^;)

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Name: Salacia



If you play FFXI TAKE MY POLL!!!


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今日は! よろしくお願いします (*^-^)/

This is for news about my FFXI Online character, because I'm bored and have nothing else to do :)

Name: Salacia
Server: Odin
Race: Elvaan
Gender: Female
Current Nation: San D'Oria
Rank: 10
Current Class: White Mage (WHM/BLM)
Level: 75
RSE: Complete
WHM - Complete
BLM - Complete
BRD - Complete
NIN - Complete
Zilart Missions: Complete
Tavnazian Missions: After Garden of Ru'Hamet
LS: MadsAngels
HNMLS: Hmm...
Total Job List:
White Mage:  75
Black Mage:  74
Warrior:   28
Theif:    22
Dragoon:    1
Ninja:    60
Ranger:    1
Summoner:   46
Bard:     63
Paladin:   33
Dark Knight:  1
Beast Master: 12
Red Mage:   1
Monk:     30
Samurai:   32
Avatars: Shiva, Titan, Ifrit, Leviathen, Ramah, Carbuncle, Diablos, Garuda, All spirits
Next Big Item to Get: Opo-Opo Crown

Updated March 17th, 2006

I'm on vacation in Canada atm so I haven't played for near a month! I've been doing both bard and ninja back and forth though. Dunno what'll be goin on when I get back.

If your on Odin and you wanna make an avatar run or do a mission /tell me up.

Friends o'mine:
Beredei (75 nin)
Dimille (56 brd)
Olandu (75 rdm, 75 blm)
Madmartigan (73 war)
Cheeze (75 rdm, 75 nin)
Kaylea (75 whm)
Chirijiraden (68 sam)
Avalonx (75 brd)
Preatorjade (62 drg)
Sclera (75 thf, 75 war)
Equanox (75 drk)

(character c/o [Lady Salacia])

Any fellow players please add yourself to [Final Fantasy XI Character Listing]!!

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Town: San D'Oria

Body shape: thin

Height: 188

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