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This time the featured member is one of our own featured painters and a member who loves participating in contests and expressing herself artistically in many different ways! Here is some of what I learned about [Karithina]!

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
I'm a bit of a traveling creative in Elftown. I explore around the site and latch on to pretty much anything arty I see, trying my hand at it: poetry, writing, photography, roleplay, visual art, competitions, submissions, own pages. Competitions here for me aren't something I enter to win, so much as I enter for the fun of creating something for a reason - which makes submissions equally exciting! I just need something to push me to keep making things~

When I'm not actually posting anything to/about arts (which was quite a lot when I'm busy, like my last semester of uni at the end of last year), I usually at least poke my head in to see what everyone is doing - it's pretty inspiring sometimes :)

Do you have a preferred medium of expression?
Visual art for sure(!)...although from there it gets a bit cluttered.

Drawing with fineliners, watercolour, and anything I can make a mess with, like charcoal and ink, has been my preferred medium for the last year or two.

For three years before that I was a digital artist, painting with Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop - these days it mostly only comes up now when I have to paint things super fast, or for graphics. I would like to merge digital with messy and make the most of all the past five years, that's probably my real preference, but it's all been experimentation rather than expression so far.

Have you ever tried expressing yourself through literary means such as poems and short stories?
Oh definitely, and with Elftown to thank for that actually!

What are your hobbies outside of Elftown?
Reading mostly fantasy novels and non-fiction biographies, playing RPG and FPS PC games, web design, walking... I do a lot of art too but I hope that's more of a career than a hobby by now, especially seeing that I've sold an exhibited work finally! If exhibiting work is a hobby I'm well into that, I've had work in 10 exhibitions since 2009 and it's going to be an 11th one soon :D

I've also recently started to get into baking and sewing after years of being stubbornly against both, my sewing has only been patches onto bags and stitches on paper so far, but I'm hoping not long now until I can fix clothing and keep my tattery skirt living for another decade or two :P

Oh I forgot in my hobbies I do gardening as well, at the moment I'm reviving a vine that attracts the Cairns Birdwing and it's super cool/scary looking caterpillars :D

What is your message to all Elftowners?
Try everything once, especially creative things.

Enter every competition, workshop or exhibition callout you have the time to try, even if you don't think you'll be very good at it. Everything you attempt improves your skills at whatever it is you are attempting, broadens the awesomeness-numbers of whatever you are entering... and sometimes you might even be lucky enough to be the only one to enter when there is a prize. This applies not only in Elftown or even just on the internet, but anywhere in the world that has opportunities available for you :)



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