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The featured story for 21st March 2013 is brought to you by [kamisch] (author) and [SilverFire] (nominator).

" Walking through the space, right next to the pond now, was the largest elephant Katie had ever seen. His head was the size of her Ford Escort, and could be clearly seen above the railing to the balcony, his immense tusks reaching out at least a full eight feet in front of him. There was moss hanging from the tusks, along with vines and what looked like some kind of jewelry, Katie stood there frozen with amazement as the stalking mass moved slowly by, dangling vines draped over his entire body – he definitely was a strange bush! His eye was perfectly visible and bright, and the wisdom lurking in it gave the impression that this guy was old, ancient even. "

Catching our attention right from the beginning, we think you'll enjoy our latest Featured Story!

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