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The featured story for 15th January 2012 is brought to you by [Aries Undomna] (author).

"Jerry put his hands on the edge of the icy cold soil that surrounded the hole and pulled his body up. His breath was visible in the warm night air. ‘Odd.’ He thought ‘I’m so cold, but it’s summer.’ He rested his arm on the grave beside the hole. The girl’s voice shrieked in outrage.

“Get your hands off the tombstone!” She ordered.

“Jeez! Fine! Not like it has your name on it!” He grumbled and walked away. Jerry could have sworn he heard her say ‘Why don’t you take a closer look?’ but it was probably the wind blowing through the creepy leafless trees. "

A fun, fast-paced story with a bit of a twist at the end, [Aries Undomna] left us with smiles on our faces after reading this. We hope you enjoy it!

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