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The featured story for 15th November 2011 is brought to you by [Roma] (author) and [wicked fae mage] (nominator).

"By the time the road had become something more than a narrow strip of dirt and rock, the signs were no longer readable. The lone traveller, a haggard and weary man with a magnificently unkempt beard, had seen the bright blue sign from some distance away and made it his goal. As he neared it he felt his heart start to hammer in his breast - surely this was the sign he had been waiting for, his milestone."

[Roma] draws readers in from the very first sentence and keeps us captivated throughout. Poetic and intriguing, this is a story we're sure you'll enjoy as much as we did.

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Date: 2011-11-15 01:27:00 Featured story #: 33 Mod: Nioniel

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