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The featured story for 16 January 2011 is brought to you by Rainbow Dragonflies (author) and the Featured Story Bosses.

"Daddy's Momma painted pictures with oil and acrylic - and the red would seep into the carnations, the curtains, the bedspread. Blue became the ocean. Black was God. Daddy's Momma taught me how to see God. "

The author of this piece writes with a captivating style that makes you want to read more. The childish voice of this narrative is a definite strength, and although the story is short, it feels complete and is definitely worth reading. You can feel the almost sinister atmosphere. Do take a look at her other stories as well!

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Date: 2011-01-16 20:15:12 Featured story #: 23 Mod: Linderel

Latest featured story

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