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Written about Thursday 2012-09-13
Written: (2889 days ago)

I've had to move and so the internet hasn't been working at all. After almost a year of this, I'm finally able to have an internet connection. It's so good to be back online. :)

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Written about Tuesday 2011-11-15
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Here's the issue - my computer was literally destroyed. When I say destroyed, I mean broken beyond repair. Only just now, after all this time, have I finally gotten a new one. Before I managed to get a new one, I had to go to the library to get anything done, really, and when I did go down there, I was so busy trying to do school work, that I didn't have time to even think about Elftown. I'm really sorry about the inconvenience that I've caused anyone by being absent. I hope to make amends about it. Sorry. :(

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