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Written about Thursday 2009-09-24
Written: (4053 days ago)
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So. Last night. Decided I needed a digital camera, my old one having broke when I went to minnesota and I really need it for my art classes. Decided to go to walmart. Drove from Jenny and Julias apartment, back to the dorms to pick up Amy.

And this is where it get's interesting.

We decided to take Wright street, silly though since Wright street is closed, so we took the detour. Followed the detour till we came to where we were supposed to take a right but we took a left instead and said "meh oh well, we can take this way"
We started driving past this side street and there was this bike lying in the middle of the road and next to the bike was friggin' body. you can imagine my thoughts: OHMAGODSOMEONESBEENHIT
So I pulled over retardedly (really, had I been thinking I would have done this a little bit better) and threw on my hazards.
As soon as we started to pull over the person started to move slowly and we started questioning him. "Are you alright? Should we call an ambulence? Where do you live?" That sort of thing. The man had banged his head up pretty badly on the road and his entire right side of his face was covered in blood and his brow was started to swell so he couldn't really see out of his eye.
He was pretty drunk too. Said that someone ran him off the road, I guess we'll never really know if that's true or not but..
Then we decided to drive him home. So I had to take all the shit in the trunk to the back seat and he's like: "Are you guys college students? I love college students!"
And we laugh awkwardly.
And then he sees all the crap in my trunk: "Aw man, college students livin' out of their cars on the road!"
Us: "Er.."
So he get's in the back and starts to give us directions but he's pretty drunk/disoriented because of the head wound so he gives us the wrong directions a couple of times.
We got to the place where he said his house was and he was like: "This isn't it. This is really weird!"
Me: "Uh.. yeah.. OMG someone took your house!"
Him: YEAH!

So we drive some more again to the wrong place and he's like
"This is freaking weiiiiird.."
Me: "I suppose you don't live here either."

Then Amy asks for his actual address and we search for that and finally find the place and drop him off.

Probably one of the most interesting things that has happened to me in a while.

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Written about Wednesday 2009-09-23
Written: (4054 days ago)

My prof said 'meow' today like the supertroopers.
"meow that's when you're going to run into problems with the printer..."
I started laughing but had to stop when no one else was laughing and I realized he probably didn't do it on purpose.

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Written about Monday 2009-09-21
Written: (4056 days ago)

First case of H1N1 influenza has been confirmed on NMU campus with several other suspected cases.
oooh lawwwd help us nowahhh.....

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Written about Saturday 2009-09-19
Written: (4058 days ago)

I think I'm going to listen to Jurassic Park theme over and over and over until it completely takes over my ming and then, when someone finally decides to have a conversation with me, I'll have no choice but to speak with inflections that go with the main tune.
It's brilliant.

And I just freaking realized why I wanted to listen to Jurassic park music. I HAD A FREAKING NIGHTMARE ABOUT DINOSAURS AHHHH
It was fairly frightening.

I creeped out into the hall because I really don't want to do my Electronic Imaging project and I heard people talking. And as soon as I walked out, Scott, several doors down walked out as well. Only there was this group of people talking in between us and IT GETS BETTER Scott's marshmellow assassin was part of that group and I stare at Scott. And Scott stares. And then we both stare at his assassin and then she stares at Scott. And there's this amazing pause when no one knows what to do and then everything shoots into action. The assassin (Taylor) runs into her room to grab her marshmellow and I yell RUNNNN and Scott darts down the hall out of the doors.


I think I'm channeling some animal whisperer. The other day my AD119 class went to the city cemetary to draw landscapes and we were sitting at this pond and all these ducks and geese just start walking among us with no hesitation. And then this chipmunk sits on a stump and stares at me for the entire 2 and half hour class, leaving only to retrieve some morsel to nibble on. Phegan came over and burst out: "SO CUUUUTE." This is my extremely monotone professor that rarely laughs or expresses emotion. I was like: O.o the hell, Phegan...

And then today at Breakfast I was walking to the den and this chipmunk confronts me. Yes, confronts me. It just stopped in front of me and stared. I looked at it and said: "Hiii... wanna be friends..." and it scurried closer to me. I slowly crouched down and started reaching out my hand to try and pet it and I got like 6 inches from it! Then someone came out the other door and it tried to sneak into the dorm..

Whatever. I know they're all domesticated. I just like to think I'm special.

I really don't want to do this project.
Mmnmmm no sir.
Sure is a long entry.
Evidence of my unwilliness..

Going to draw in the cemetary later. It's surprisingly peaceful there.

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Written about Friday 2009-08-14
Written: (4094 days ago)
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Written about Saturday 2009-08-08
Written: (4100 days ago)

"Bull fuckin' SHIT" repeated the drunk man outside Nicole's window at 3:37 am.
There's always this car that drives by with it's bass bumping some techno beat. Every few hours or so part midnight...
I think my neighbor's girlfriend cheated on him. That's why he's still yelling.
I adore this neighborhood.

But seriously, guys... Why don't we ever update our diaries anymore?
It's like we involve ourselves in each other's lives so I guess there's no point in reading about them.

The man outside is scaring me.
Hope he don't busta cap in ma ass...
Bettah call the po po
I hear banging..
Hope it's not gunfire.

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Written about Thursday 2009-07-23
Written: (4116 days ago)

Oh yes. And I also had a dream that I was in college and leonardo decrapio shot me in my sternum but my sternum was so solid that the bullet just sort of mushed into my skin and muscle and then I went around showing people this nasty bump thing.


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