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Written about Friday 2007-06-22
Written: (4771 days ago)

My most favorite tv show sayings (mostly little bush)

1. Lil' Bush: Man this camp sucks! There's brush everywhere and there's no psycho going around stabbing everybody!
Lil' Cheney: Rana Ra?
Lil' Bush: laughs yeah...too bad you forgot your mask at home!

2. Lil' Bush: Now if you excuse me I have an important press confrence with a taco... now good night and god bless Mexican Food! walks off stage

3. Abortionist: Okay there he's out now just to cut the ambibical chord
Bush Sr.: There shouldn't be an ambibical chord!
Abortionist: Oh sorry... that's her intestine. Let Go! smacks lil' Cheney
Lil' Bush: Look! Lil' Cheney is born again!
Lil' Cheney: Rah da Rah it's a boy Rah da Rah.

4. Teacher: Students...this is lil' Kim Jong Il why don't you tell us all about yourself?
Lil' Kim: I'm a six foot 2 future movie derector these are my pals...their names are of no importance...Tito! Gilligan! Cease and Disist!
Lil' Bush: new kid...looks funny...not the same...of coarse that kid looks just like a cat! Uh..oh..better hide my cat nip!
Lil' Condi: Why do you have cat nip?
Lil' Bush: Uh oh...she's after it too!

5. Sr. Bush:Jeb bush is looking at his plate Down Jeb! smacks him upside the head with a newspaper

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Written about Saturday 2007-03-10
Written: (4875 days ago)

Dear Journal,

Listening to "Du hast" again...but i am also thinking that why am i listening? I think this because my friend have finally brainwashed me again. but i love them like my own family. All my friends are family to me...i really dont care what anybody else thinks i am a normal person that wants to be in the life of all my friends!!

Hobbit teen

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Written about Saturday 2007-03-10
Written: (4876 days ago)

Dear Journal,

Stuck on a new band called Rammstein. My favorite song is "Du hast". But other songs that i love are "Zwitter" and "Ich bin". I have only a few songs that i know of because i will not play them regularly but those three... But i think that the English Version of "Du hast" is totally alright but for the beginning where they repeat Du hast; They say "You...You hate...You hate me." But it is "You...You have...You have asked me." But other than Rammstein, I love another song from a german kids show called "Schnappi"! I cannot believe this...My german teacher and two of my best friends have brain washed me to loving these two bands!!!!
Oh well...Here is the lyrics to "Du hast."

           Du Hast
          Von Rammstein

Du hast
Du hast mich

Du hast
Du hast mich

Du hast mich
Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt
Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt

Willst du bis der tod euch scheidet
Treu ihr sein fr alle tage...



Willst du bis zum tod der scheide
Sie lieben auch in schlechten tagen....



(Music Ends)

Translation (English)

You have

You have
You have me

You have
You have me
You have asked me
You have asked me
You have asked me
And I did not say anything

Will you until death does sever
Be upright to her forever


Will you til death be her rider
Her lover too, to stay inside her


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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-02
Written: (4942 days ago)

kk i figured this out i think there is an american government conspiracy!!!!

here you know Nostradomus the french person whom predicted 9/11

here is one of his predictions.... that i cracked before it even happend

this is the third anti-christ one..the end of the world

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

k... he is obviously talking about the end of the world again....

this is what mabus looks like to me and i think what it means...dont judge me if i am right on...

Mabus.... if you take out the word bus....and put osa infront of the Ma you get Osama as in Osama bin laden!

But if you take out the word Ma... and put the letter H in the back of the word you get Bush...as in President bush! In other words we need to get our heads out of our asses and make sure they dont die soon!!!!

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-03
Written: (4972 days ago)
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Hey peoples! I'm Back and to my surprise...the halfling diary contest wasnt filled out with a whole lot of entries! if you all want there are only 4 more entries!!! come people and write your diary entries!!!

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Written about Friday 2006-08-18
Written: (5079 days ago)

Man I just got into this dancing class with my aunt tammy...and i threw my back out for a couple days until we went to prim! (outskirts *borderline of California and Nevada*) and there is a roller coaster called desperado at the Buffalo Bills Casino and we were going down the first hill and my back got put back into place once my body went from side to side really fast (sure it hurt for a while...but it feels good now^^ lol)

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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-08
Written: (5089 days ago)

had to change the peom that i wrote for the daily peom. they said it was a fan peom and stuff and they could not allow it....so i re wrote everything it is now called

Haiku of love

And i was watching a movie on the computer and this is what i found it is a cobra kissing contest! it is in malaysia and it is awesum check it out!


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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-08
Written: (5089 days ago)

I wrote a haiku style peom for the daily peom... this is what it says...

Haiku of Frodo Baggins
Written by [Hobbit teen]

Small, cute little man
Has the power of a ring
Has Conquered the ring!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-01
Written: (5096 days ago)
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not a girlfriend no more...sad but true i am now single once more! so guys if u want you can chat w/ me! ^_^ just kiddin

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Written about Friday 2006-07-28
Written: (5100 days ago)

Guess what people?!?! i am turning over a new leif to actually study first...draw/write later! i do not know how long it is going to be unitill it just goes away! tee hee but i am trying to get all of my homework done these next 4 years! and i am going to actually study and take notes before i just do some stupid shit like i dont even know what it is yet that is how focused i am!!!!!yay me!!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2006-07-19
Written: (5109 days ago)

babysitting today

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Written about Saturday 2006-07-15
Written: (5113 days ago)

guess what people?!?!?! I died my hair red! i cant wait to show my friends am going to get a photo up soon enough of it!!!!!!!!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-06-20
Written: (5138 days ago)

Lol i hav a new boy friend!!!!!!! i cannot belive it! i am just sooooo happy!

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Written about Monday 2006-06-12
Written: (5146 days ago)

guess what!!! i went into the ER rooms last night because i got dehydrated somehow! and it even wasnt hot outside!!! it was soooooo totally weird!

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Written about Thursday 2006-06-08
Written: (5150 days ago)

I am still trying to get to Elfwood.com but at least i know what it is....oh well if i cant get on there at least i tried

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Written about Wednesday 2006-06-07
Written: (5151 days ago)

i found a couple of great sites if you want to learn how to speak anything from the lord of the rings and to write the tengwar!

The tengwar page...


and the translator pages...


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Written about Saturday 2006-04-22
Written: (5197 days ago)

working on my sanity, *sigh* i dont know i missed school on friday, because of a student that wont leave me alone he keeps harrassing me so i just dont know what to do his name is richard alarden i wish i could tell him that my life isnt easy anymore i have alot more responcibility! i just wish i could swap shoes with him for a week and see if he would kill himself! but only if that were possible, i am scared to death of him! last tuesday I almost got smacked on the face with a door so i held the door for every one else to come in and he came up and said "What? you cant fit through that door no more?"

well that is all i can say with out geting in trouble

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