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Written about Thursday 2005-12-08
Written: (5333 days ago)

Here are some tips for the warriors on here and battle people....

you should be at ease because you should know it is ok to be afraid (even if it is about death think you would be at ease after if something happend and if nothing happend oh well..... your a hero now)


like an oak you should be stiff and stand your ground...

like the bark of a tree you should be tough but yet be gental so you dont end up crying during the fight (trust me i know about that because i got in a fight with Sarah Fritz and i ended up crying because i wasnt gental enough with her and i just wouldnt do anything else than try to do it again but to be more gental so i could give her a bloody nose and a few broken bones probably i dont know but probably.)

and last of all......

just stare them in the eye and hope to god that they start it first because if something is to be said that they can use against you is that they can say that you started it so let them through the first punch and just be sure to block it or dodge the punch then you can through the next one

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Written about Saturday 2005-11-26
Written: (5345 days ago)

ok let me tell ya this me and my dad didnt have the best thanksgiving because we didnt have turkey instead we had pizza in a hospital ok so it just wasnt the best but owell i like my dad and i am very thankfull for my family and friends

i hate those people who think that they are better than anybody else.....but yet i ams still thankfull for everybody that we are still alive and the war hasnt gone out of hand

have a great thanksgivin everybody ^_*

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Written about Thursday 2005-11-10
Written: (5360 days ago)

People cannot judge those who are different from them especially me

hell god made us all the same and will not let us go and what is egzactly normal any way to act "Plain?"

to make us feel lousy and besides if most people are different how can people not spread peace because the only reason to spread peace is to end all suffering

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Written about Sunday 2005-10-02
Written: (5399 days ago)
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1. Nobody believes that i injured my knee except for these people... [wildd pepsi],[JJinx],[honey luver] and [*share bear*]

2. I cant play foot ball no more because of my damn knee

and my other friends [Blooming Wood] and [nasher33] are spreading rumors about me because of my knee

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Written about Monday 2005-09-26
Written: (5406 days ago)

Oh yeah i am on crutches because i was on the football team and well i got tackled and well.... i shifted my knee cap or my patella and i have to be on these damn crutches for at least 6 to 7 weeks for a total

But that is ok richard i still forgive you

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Written about Sunday 2005-08-14
Written: (5449 days ago)

Went clothes shopping yesterday on the 13th and guess what i really like the color green and so i decided to just do you know peace and harmony colors like down to earth *NO PINK GOD HOW I HATE PINK* but i mostly got green and brown but i also got a good skirt and a good two pairs of pants but they are green and brown plus some new jeans so you know all about fashion if you have to be dead you must look drop dead gorjious (Buitiful or something like that) but i really like the stuff most of it is just plain green t-shirts and brown t-shirts I am glad that i didnt get any pink because i am kinda scared of that color (Shivers go up the spine) but i really think it is really cool if you want to call it the devils color becauz it looks liek a lighter red color but i have to go


Bramblerose BrandyBuck

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-30
Written: (5463 days ago)
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here is the joke i have told to my mom and she thought it was just too funny

Girl- Im a cactus
boy-your a what?
Girl- thats right my mom was a cathlic and my dad was a baptist so i am a cactis
boy- oh that is what that means

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-30
Written: (5463 days ago)
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So flippin happy i am now a woman to my people because some thing happend to me last night so i am happier than a dude rancher gettin a cow and soaking it in cow dip ranch (Not that good but better than) I am madder than a def/mute playing bingo gettin a bingo and trying to yell out the word bingo

Bramblerose Brandybuck
(Aka to my friends Victoria Linvell aka vicki)

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Written about Friday 2005-07-29
Written: (5465 days ago)
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Today i have finally become a woman in our traditions and i am so glad me i just cant wait till tomarrow because this is my first night being a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so cool to me because i am mostly looked down apon by other people because i am sometimes smaller than the other kids!! and i definetly hate that but now i hope to become what i always wanted to be, an actress of the fine arts of movies it is definetly an art if you dont know what it is or if you dont believe so what if its not like leonardo divinchi's work like david and all that crap it isnt like that at all it brings more emotion well i got to go bye

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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-19
Written: (5475 days ago)
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Dearest Diary,

You were a part of my hopes and dreams and some of the stuff that has happend to me that shouldnt have but now i am not the happy little girl any more because of my newest thing for me i am going to be a woman soon enough as soon as i go on the hunt for the dragon once again hoping that i wont be burnt to death so i wish for my friends to know that we arnt just crazy hobbits going on for adventures but it is a tradition since bilbo's time and frodo's time now you must abid me adue

Bramblerose BrandyBuck/Took

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-17
Written: (5477 days ago)
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Me:Burned bigtime and have a sprained wrist
Oropher:Burned partly has shocking cold
living:Mines of moria (god damn it!!!!!!!!!)
Cause of this: Dragon Smaug came back and took away our little town in the shire now we have to live with the dwarves or the elves
Choice: Not my choice i didnt want to live in moria i wanted to live with the wood elves in mirkwood (Aka Greenwood the Great)

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Written about Monday 2005-06-27
Written: (5497 days ago)

Man I fucking hate myself i got introuble again and I hoped that my father didnt go to jail again but he got locked up in the slammer now and I cant see him now because my mother wont take me to see him oh my god i think I am next to go to the slammer or the bighouse because he almost ran over somebody when I was in the car he tried to run over my cousin for gods sakes he almost hurt me and I almost flew out of the car window because he slammed out on the brakes

Damn my life sucks big time!!!

Bramblerose BrandyBuck

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