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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-26
Written: (5540 days ago)

Y I Can't Be Jesus:

because we all know that the 2nd coming is supposed to be ARmogeddon when he saves all the lost lambs and blah blah death destruction cherry pie

ok well if I were Jesus I'd end up causeing the 2nd comeing in order to get my royalty check from Mel Gibson

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-23
Written: (5543 days ago)
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ANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd back to the funny shit!! ^.^

Dai: Risa...

*turns into Dark*

DArk: good time to steal the Mona Lisa
[1 hr later]

Dark: almost done...

Sato: Dark. I finally have you.

Dark: y are u in France?

Sato: because I'm secretly stalking Dai...

Dark: so THAT's what happened to his pikachu boxers

Sato: >> << >> << I don't know what your talking about

Dark: ...

Sato: really.

I'm just a "friend" of *sigh* Dai... oh shit


Sato: *starts turning into Krad*

Dark: oooooooooo cooly Ub3r l337 fight scene ahead

Krad:*appears in a white bakini complete w/ tan lines* I have you where I want you dark.

DarK: WTF?????????????????????????????????????

Krad: what?

Dark: the bakini? what's up w/ it? where's the priest robes?

Krad: Laundry day?

Dark: you don't need to do laundry -._-.

Krad: ... *glomps Dark*

Dark: ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krad: oh come on Darky baby you know we're the hottest Yaoi couple since Kurama and Hiei

Dark: ?????? dude, I'm in love w/ RIKU!

Krad: oh come on.

Dark: my fnagirls will kill u.

Krad: they bought me the bakini

Dark: ...

Mona Lisa:*mysterious smile*

Krad: hehe

dark: help?

[rest of scene Censord for content]

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Written about Monday 2005-04-11
Written: (5646 days ago)

well I'm back from Tekko
and I'll be doing a cosplay and summery wiki w/ all my pics (4 rolls of film)

oh and Ashley and I are offically broken up

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Written about Friday 2005-04-08
Written: (5649 days ago)

shit I typed this long thing and it didn't send.

here I go again

ok so I'm actually gonna vent for once in my diary.

it's aobut this relation ship I'm in
now I'm in it because I'm a fuckin' idiot. hell let's flash back to before I started dating this girl
let's go all the way back to september of 2004.
ok now first off the girl's name is Ashley
and I've had a crush on her for a few years we were friends blah, blah, fuckin' blah.
so anyways last September we were supposed to go see Team AMerica
so I sat at her bustop for 3 striaght hrs.
(FYI mid september in Upstate NY is NOT fun)
after the first hr and a half I got a call. she said she'd be late. so we picked a diffrent showing.
after another hr. and a 1/2 I found out she jsut went home instead. (I found out because I called) she said she'd "reschedual"

ok so back to a few weeks ago when I finally asked her out. she says yes everything is all hunkydory.
well here's the real problem.

since we started dating she's been so distant, cold even
and to top it off we were hanging out w/ some frineds
(my best frined, my little sister, and two of my ex's (who are also sisters...don't ask))
now this was her first time meeting my little sister.

I over heard her say (when she thought I was checking out some cargo pants)
"hey, don't tell your brother but Ithink of u as more of a friend than I do him"



u know what I'm thinking don't u?

ok anyways.
I never told her I heard. but tomorrow I'm headed to Tekkoshocon in Pittsburg w/ the college's anime club and so is she.
I thikn I'll break it off there.
not that I believe she'll be too heart broken >.<

so yeah fuck it
this was me venting

tune in next time for some actually funnny shit

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-10
Written: (5706 days ago)
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*gets up*


Ar:*opens door*

Jahova's Whitness: Hello sir blah bla hblah

Ar: FRESH MEAT! *pounce*

Jw: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh y is sitting on my chest on his haunches licking the back of his right wrist?

Ar: quiet, Mouse boy before I force feed u those pamphlet.

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-03
Written: (5713 days ago)

*Ar runs in standing in the doorway*


*begins pogoing but forgets he's in a doorway*


DMK: again?!

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Written about Monday 2005-01-24
Written: (5723 days ago)



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Written about Saturday 2005-01-22
Written: (5724 days ago)

*a blue hair man wearing a black samurai outfit taps Ar on the shoulder*

Nami: ooh A-R-RR.

Ar: eep!

DMK, RUN it's the vengefull Nami antagonizer of all lazy authors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*DMK and AR run for their lives*

Nami: GET BACK HERE AR!!!!!!!!
U NEED TO FINISH 4M1'S STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Written about Thursday 2005-01-20
Written: (5727 days ago)
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*finishes reading DMK's diary...the list of top ten DNANGEL*

Ar: @.@

I got all but the CD and username!

4M1: what is angel? is it organic?
is it part of "Religion"?

Dmk: ... ok I no longer see HER as a threat.

Ar: *sigh*

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Written about Tuesday 2005-01-18
Written: (5729 days ago)
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*4M1 (an andriod out of one of my stories "In His Image") walks in*


*climbs up on chair nad swings a brooom wildly*

4M1: ?.?

Ar: pats her consolingly

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Written about Sunday 2005-01-02
Written: (5744 days ago)
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Br:*waking up to see Glompy nad Fnagirl playing Go Fish* uhhhh

Glompy:*looks over* *snicker*

Br: what?

*grabs a mirror*

is this permanate ink?


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Written about Friday 2004-12-31
Written: (5747 days ago)
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Glompy: *looks at watch* hey it's 12:24 est. that means it's offically NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!

Fangirl: YAY *squeezes Br* MORE DRINKING!

BR: my ribs hurt......

Fangirl: u say something?

Br: no ma'am.

*all get some liquer.*

*2 hrs later*

Fangirl: I'm a Spider! *drunken grin*

Br: not this again

Glompy: ... *begins chasing his tail*

Br: ... *grabs the bottle and drinks......passes out*

Fangirl: oooooo Br fall down.

wanna write on him? *grabs a sharpie*

Glompy: *catches his tail* OOWWWWWWWWW! .... sure y nooo*passes out*

Fangirl: meh. light wieghts.
*proceeds to write on them*

<<and now the product of a way to busy night at work>>



Villagers: No he's here! he's here!

Mirrel: who is?

*a skelaton wearing Vash's close runs by*

Villager: Jack, The Stampede

<<flip side>>
*nightmare before christmas*
Vash: *wearing Jacks clothes* because I'm VASH! THE PUMPKIN KNIG!

and now another one I thought up tonight!


Dr. Light: No ZERO is in the lab!

Computer: this is a lv. 10 emergancy!

Dr. Light: no he's coming this way!

Zero: *the goast dog foats in* arf arf!

Dr. Light: wait if the dog is here then where's wiley's creation?

*nightmare before christmas*

Zero:*holding JAcks head* ALsa poor jack, I crushed his freakin' skull.

<<the last one will make more sense if u watch the Cataclysm movies on www.bobandgeorge.com
but warning they are rate PG-13 for language.!>>

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Written about Tuesday 2004-12-28
Written: (5750 days ago)
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<<OutOfCharacter: I hope ppl like this little thing I've been doing w/ my diary. I'm never any good at weriting my true feelings so I'll keep this up>>

DMK: *swoops in wearing a super hero costume* I AM FANGIRL!

Glompy: and I am her side kick GLOMPY, THE CAT-BOY WONDER!

FanGirl: we protect fangirl/boy's right to glomp those worthy....Like Bluerose
<<ooc: when I refer to Bluerose(Br) I'm refering to an orgonal character. not someone on this site
here is one of DMK's drawings of him http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/photo/54304_1094328681.jpg >>

Br: O.o
not u two again!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-22
Written: (5755 days ago)

From me and all the vioces in my head
I would like to wish u



now let's sit back and down eggnog like there's no tomorrow!

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Written about Thursday 2004-12-16
Written: (5762 days ago)
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*Dark Mousy the Kouto walks in*

DMK:I'm a Spider! *drunken grin*

Ar: ... ...
*looksat his liquer cabnit*
not my special stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-01
Written: (5776 days ago)

*flower wins the fight*

Flower: *standing over Ar's battered body* HAHA LOSER

Ar: aren't Guardian ANgel's supposed to be NICE to their charges?

FLower: I'm special, OK?!

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-30
Written: (5777 days ago)

Unexplained Vioce: I'm Ba-hack!

Ar: @.@


Ar: ^.^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

u two know eachother

Flower: well we ARE both vioces in ur head!

Bubbles: she has a piont

Ar:*grumbling* yeah on her head

FLower: What was that? >:(

Ar:*halo appears* NOTHING

Flower: That's it!

*dust cloud style fight in the backrgound*

Bubbles: if I had a body to go w/ this vioce I'd have a sweatdrop right now

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Written about Monday 2004-11-29
Written: (5778 days ago)

AR: hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

*boredom sets in*


I got it!

*hooks up his old atri*


*plays pong for half an hr. against his Guardian ANgle FLower*

Ar: Damn u beat me again!

Flower: that's 'cause ur a loser

Ar: ur mean! aren't angel's supossed to be nice

Flower: :P

Ar: I hate u

Flower: I Know :D

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-02
Written: (5805 days ago)

*comes back in*

Ar: that was fun!

*phone rings*

Ar: hello?

creepy vioce: seven days

Ar: huh?

cv: seven days

Ar: ok?

Cv: seven days

Ar: till what?

Cv: you did watch the tape right?

Ar: oh yeah!

Cv: ok, so then.....SEVEN DAYS!

Ar: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.....now we are taking about T3 right?


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Written about Tuesday 2004-10-12
Written: (5826 days ago)

*ar goes flying over the horizon*
AR: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Written about Saturday 2004-10-09
Written: (5829 days ago)

AR: HAHA I'VE done IT!

DMK: uhhhh *blink blink* yeah I'll jsut be over here *runs away while AR blows himself up...again*

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