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Written about Thursday 2004-09-30
Written: (5873 days ago)

*lands at the top of the stairs*

AR: OW!!!

*Dark Mousy the Kaitou walks in*
*looks up the stairs*

DMK:Good job, AR. not only have u defied normal common sense but physics as well. I'm proud of u.

AR: it's a gift

DMK: yeah ur gifted alright *under her breath* in the head.

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Written about Monday 2004-09-27
Written: (5876 days ago)

*comes back w/ pionty objects*
Angel's Requiem: yay!

*runs around*



*falls UP a flight of stairs*

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Written about Friday 2004-09-24
Written: (5879 days ago)

I think I'm getting the hang of this site! yay!!


*vioce starts talking to him*
unexplained vioce: Hi!
Wave(my usual handle): @.@
uv: I said 'Hi'
Wave: and I said '@.@'
uv: I'm gonna go get some sharp pointy things
Wave: cool can I tag along?
Uv: sure
*the two exit*

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