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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-12
Written: (5642 days ago)

why does life suck so bad? ive been here on the so-called earth for a long time and i still havent found my purpose to live? wat does ppl have some things that i dont. all the ppl that think they have it bad they dont kno until iu lived in my shoes. everything in my life sux my family, friends theres only onee good thing in my life right know my boyfriend Freddy. he is so sweet but then theres also a few friends i like to be around roxie, ashley, and amreen, they cheer me up good. but bsides them my life sux. including if u have a brother whos beeen in trouble with the police for drugs and other stuff. so yeah the police knows him by know. i tried comitting suicide but that didnt work out right bcuz im still here if anyone reas this and feels the same way than message me and tell my the secret of life to take me out of my misery

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