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Written about Monday 2004-12-06
Written: (5726 days ago)

a thought came to head and is desperately looking for the brain...
tests, tests, tests...
damned school must have been probably done only for tests, to all appearance...
what is school for: for making us hindrances and challenges in life or for giving us knowledge? It seems that our schools are for challenges, for the knowledge we somehow mostly get on our own...
an exam passed on 1-2 December, a coming "state monitoring of knowledge (part 2 of 3)" on 9-11 December and uncounable smaller tests in all subjects. if I get through this all, I'll be either exhausted and doomed to drag my existence somewhere in a forsaken corner of this numb world, or I'll be ready for everything to come...

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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-01
Written: (5731 days ago)

Uhmm, well, haven't been here for a while...
much happened in the meantime
got to write it down sometime...
not today

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Written about Monday 2004-07-05
Written: (5881 days ago)

I decided, I'll start my diary with the first day of my summer holidays. It'll be the 10th of July.

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