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Written about Saturday 2006-05-06
Written: (5854 days ago)

last nite:

[9:31pm]Joins: }}-PeGaSuS-{{ (p2pmirc@hope.faith.belief.trust) «37 users »
9:32pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» BRB
[9:47pm] <@PAUL> hey yall
[9:48pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» heyas paul
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> dis is my away msg on aim
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> pissed cuz my dad didnt buy me shrimp at Long John Silvers/
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> packing 2 leave 4 a weding and we dont even know whos gettin married/
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> sleep/
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> goin 2 arkansass 4 the weding
[9:48pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» Rø||íNg øN †h€ ƒ|øøR |åµghíNg M¥ ßµM øƒƒ
[9:48pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» good one
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> Thank You
[9:48pm]«+ Kronics_Toy » Good one... gone.
[9:48pm] <@PAUL> Bu Bye
[9:48pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» see ya lil bro
[9:49pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ¦-)
[9:49pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ~ \\\\\\ have_fun ////// ~ \\\\\\ PAUL ////// ~ \\\\\\ have_fun ////// ~
[9:49pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» awww
[9:49pm] <@PAUL> it was raining HARD here
[9:50pm] <@PAUL> then me N my mom were goin 2 the mall
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:50pm] <@PAUL> to get their present (ppl we dont know)
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» lol
[9:50pm] <@PAUL> and my crocs that i was gonna wear to the wedding
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» that does suck
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ya?
[9:50pm] <@PAUL> the powa goes out @ home
[9:50pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» Öh M¥ GåwÐ
[9:50pm] <@PAUL> i thout my puter was dead 4 sure
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» sounds like a heck of a day
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> and its hard to see
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» eeeek
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> im not done
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» omg
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> not dunn at all
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» yikes
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> we go back home
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> and try leaving again
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:51pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:51pm] <@PAUL> and its starting to flood
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> BAD
[9:52pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ut oh
[9:52pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» :s
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> so we goin
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> its not floodin bad
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> yet..
[9:52pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:52pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» :s
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> we takin shortcuts to get to the mall
[9:52pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ya?
[9:52pm] <@PAUL> and we had water HIIIIIIIII
[9:53pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» backers
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» yikes PAUL
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» :s
[9:53pm] <@PAUL> so we stopped at this stupid rental car place
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ya?
[9:53pm] <@PAUL> and my side is in a ditch
[9:53pm] <@PAUL> and we callin my dad
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ut oh
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» mhm
[9:53pm] <@PAUL> but her fone is screwed (it dosnt stay charged)
[9:53pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» holy man
[9:54pm] <@PAUL> so we leeve
[9:54pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» that stinkx
[9:54pm] <@PAUL> and try gettin to the mall
[9:54pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» unbelievable
[9:54pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ya?
[9:54pm] <@PAUL> and we are in SO HIGH WATER
[9:54pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» that stinks PAUL
[9:55pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» paul did you make it?
[9:55pm] <@PAUL> so we go to this place to get some ribbon for the present
[9:55pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» i think clubdance
[9:55pm] <@PAUL> and my dad comes
[9:55pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» ya PAUL
[9:55pm] <@PAUL> Øh! i forgot my moms car was almost outta gas
[9:56pm] <@PAUL> wen we wer in hi water
[9:56pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» ack
[9:56pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» yikes PAUL
[9:56pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» then u'd be pushing PAUL
[9:56pm] <@PAUL> so we get ribbon
[9:56pm] <@PAUL> and go to the mall
[9:56pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» this is like a movie
[9:56pm] <@PAUL> well first we get my crocs
[9:56pm] <@PAUL> cause the stores a couple stores down
[9:57pm] <@PAUL> so THEN we go to the mall
[9:57pm] <@PAUL> and get our "EMPTY wrapped box" cause they didnt have the present
[9:57pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» omg PAUL
[9:57pm] <@PAUL> they were gona ship it l8r
[9:58pm] <@PAUL> so we go to long john silvers and get wut i DONT WANT
[9:58pm] <@PAUL> and we go home
[9:58pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» awwwwww
[9:58pm] <@PAUL> we left at 6
[9:58pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» what did u get?
[9:58pm] <@PAUL> and got home at 830
[9:58pm] <@PAUL> ish,,,
[9:59pm] <@PAUL> all this story
[9:59pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» holy moly
[9:59pm]«@ }}-PeGaSuS-{{» what a day
[9:59pm] <@PAUL> oy
[9:59pm]«@ pink_cotton_candy» if u didn't eat it i'll take it
[9:59pm] <@PAUL> good thing its weekend
[9:59pm] <@PAUL> :)
[9:59pm]«+ Kronics_Toy » :)

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-17
Written: (6147 days ago)

ok im gonna write in herre mor...

i got a cell fone (Motorolla V220 )
(flip fone with camera)

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Written about Saturday 2005-04-16
Written: (6239 days ago)

my mom has this crappy old cell phone that doesnt work
as soon as i burn it
im getting a cool flip-phone with AIM

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Written about Saturday 2005-04-16
Written: (6239 days ago)

my dad was in the hospital this week

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Written about Monday 2005-03-07
Written: (6280 days ago)

i am in a play called Cinderella
i am The Prince

i really dont know how i got the part cause this is the first time ive done a play

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