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Written about Wednesday 2004-10-13
Written: (5658 days ago)

Well its about a month after the school year....so its been about 4 and a half mothns since i wrote in this thing...well its been fun...lol

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-02
Written: (5790 days ago)

Well, tomorrow's my last day of school...I cant help it...WOOT!!!^_^. My friend Adnama is a really good artist and she gave me some pointers...lol...she is cool...WOOT! Well diary see you another day...lol^_^

ah...one more...WOOT!!!!!

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Written about Thursday 2004-05-27
Written: (5797 days ago)

Well here i go...ive never wrote in a diary
well we got a couple days of school left
i hope i get to wrestle anytime so and....well cya

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Written about Friday 2004-04-16
Written: (5838 days ago)

My diary is dumb...lol

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