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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-31
Written: (6201 days ago)

Alreet, its Tuesday today and I ([jobby]) am ready to go back to my work. Its cool owning the place you work, as you can relax and get on with the jobs you need to, as and when you need to - you also get time to come onto elftown and speak to people on MSN, as well as havin mates come in and chatting to them.

Today was like any other day really, 9am - 5.30pm of work. Was a bit quiet today like, i think thats down to the school holidays and people going away for the day. At least I hope so.

I went to Aprils ([..beautiful disaster..]) after work, and we went down to Craster to the Distant Shores meeting, where we signed u to be extras. It was good crack, all the old biddies of Craster came out in there 10's to sign up for Distant Shores.

Big Brother was good tonight, there are some pretty fit lasses on there - Sam is probs the hottest by far!

WHERE DID I SLEEP TODAY? Craster, My house!
WHAT DID I SLEEP IN/ON? My own bed!!

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Written about Monday 2005-05-30
Written: (6201 days ago)

Bank Holiday monday, I ([jobby]) just woke up at 11am again fucked from sleeping on a hard floor, and again rang Gonzo ([act of chief]) to see what the crack was. We didnt really do much today, just chilled out and called on Sekky. Decided to go and watch another film and gonzos house, with Gonzo, Sekky, Laura, ([LAURALOVE.]) and Steveo ([ironboundtreo]) cant remember the name of the film, but it had Ice Cube in it and it was quite good.

I was going to go home today at 3.45pm, but decided to chill out with Gonzo until 6.45pm - so we went to Fleetwoods for a bit, where we bumped into Aileen ([.Sweet . cheeks.]) and her chums. Had a bit crack on with her, and then walked Gonzos dog, Sasha. Was an alright relaxing day, althought gutted that I had missed the Oralution concert in Newcastle.

Watched Big Brother tonight, was quite alright


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Written about Sunday 2005-05-29
Written: (6201 days ago)

Today was a little bit of a long day and I ([jobby]) got a really big shock! Steveo ([ironboundtreo]), Gonzo ([act of chief]) and I were planning to go to a carboot sale today, but I didnt wake up until 11am, it finishes at 12am.

I gave Gonzo a ring to see what the crack was, and I went to meet up with him. When I got to his house, Ben ([Chunky Monkey]) and his step-brother carl were there, which I thought was a bit strange as Gonzo had just woken up. I asked what the crack was, and he told me that one of my good mates had been taken to hospital last night after an overdose. I didnt know what to say, I was gutted. They seemed shocked. Gonzo, Ben and Sam ([.:.Close. the. god. damn. door.:.]) had been at Wansbeck hospital until about 3am in the morning to see if he is ok. If only my car wasn't fucked I could have took them all down to see how he was doing in the morning.

We went for a walk about to take our minds off it all, Ben and Carl went home and Gonzo and I decided to go and get a film from Johns video place. After alot of consideration, we decided to go for a film that we hadn't really heard much about, "The Hole". We watched it, and it is now one of my favourite British Films of all time. Its fucking great. It has everything, thrills, twists, Sex and nakedness. All the ingredients for a class Thriller film, and if thats not it, the characters were about my age as well. Sweet!

After the film, we met up with Clarky and Steve again, and just mished about. Went to my shop, printing.com, and I phoned up Wansbeck hospital to see how he was. They told me he got released at 3.50pm and he is now at home - that was a releif. We all went up to see him, and he was a bit shaken ect - but was ok. And thats the main thing. After some drinks ect, and mish's down the street, it was 10.30pm and time to go to work again.

Upon arriving at the falcons, I got told it was fancy dress night and I had to dress up. I looked around, and the staff were in 70's clothes, which I thought was cool, and I was definetly up for dressing up. So martin took me into the cuboard and pissed him self laughing, and said "Wear these" - so i did, dressed up as a woman. It was quite funny, and an old man (i think) actually thought I was a woman, as he was very interested in my fake breasts, he kissed my hand and put about a £5 down my fake breasts - I wasn't complaining tho, that money paid for my pizza after work. Closing time, and I just chilled out with Craig, Kevin and a very drunk Alex. He didnt want me to go home, but I had to - well, I didnt go home. I ended up sleeping in the back room of my shop.

WHAT DID I SLEEP IN/ON? On laminate flooring

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Written about Saturday 2005-05-28
Written: (6201 days ago)

So its Saturday today, and I ([jobby]) dont have to get up at 8.00am to go to WHSmith as I have quit - althought Gonzo ([act of chief]), Suzie ([i heart choo]) and Ethan ([Hugh G. Rection]
) decided to wake me up at 7am, to head towards Fleetwoods for some drinks. To our shock, Fleetwoods didnt actually open until 9.30am - so we screwed ourselfs there. I didnt feel bad at all this morning, even after the amazing night we had down at Denwick.

Anywayz, all I have done today is chilled out with the gang - Clarky, Steveo ([ironboundtreo]), Gonzo, Sam ([.:.Close. the. god. damn. door.:.]), Ben, ([Chunky Monkey]) and the rest. Decided to go up to the park and set some german drippers off the plastic of the shitty thing on there. (German drippers are where you set plastic on fire, and then the plastic drips with a little bit of fire on it).

That night I started my first shift at The Falcons rest, as a bar tender. Met martin at 9pm who showed me arround, hes a really good lad - really funny. People started coming in at 10pm, and i met my other work mates, Emma, Andrew and Kevin - all quality folk. It was really busy, and its my first time ive worked behind a bar - so I was a tad nervous. Alex the DJ, one of my good mates, was doing his usual funny routine - it was a good night.

I finished work at 1.30am, and was meant to be going to Steveos house to sleep - but he had been in bed for about 24 hours, so I couldn't get through to him, luckuly I bumped into Carley Burns and her classic crazy brother, Jonny, so I crashed at there house - after a supper of a variety of potatoes and tuna fish sandwich, and a good healthy session of Big Brother live, i went to bed.

WHERE DID I SLEEP TODAY? Alnwick, Carleys house
WHAT DID I SLEEP IN/ON? On several pillows

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Written about Friday 2005-05-27
Written: (6202 days ago)

Well I ([jobby]) think I am going to start and log my dates on this good old piece of kit. So, what did I get up today? Well, I will set the scene. I got up at 8am, because my car is fucked and I have to get a lift in with my auntie instead of the freedom of driving in and opening up a little bit late. Anyways, I got to work at 8.30 and opened at 9am. It was a good day I guess, steady business flow with several new clients including Carlos Fish bar and 1st Caffe Vesuvio. The time had come up to 5pm, and it was time for me to leave and meet up with my good old gothic chums, Gonzo ([act of chief]) and Steve ([ironboundtreo]) and we had a little mish to sit in Fleetwoods. "I want a coke" asked steveo politely, so I got him a coke and we all drank our cokes, and they smoked there ciggareettes. We were getting ready to mish down to Denwick bridge where were going to have a party.

The time has got time to walk down to Denwick, and I meet up with several other people Including James Clark. We decide to go up to his house and get a bag, to fill it up lots and lots of alcohol from victoria wines. "Im going to go down on my bicycle" said James. I told him not too, as his bike is shit and if we were going to get "drunk" then it wouldn't be advisable.

So we went and filled our boots with alcohol, not literally, as we had a bag. Once we arrived in Denwick, we set up a tent - but I forgot the top bit, so it was like sleeping in a tent, with a hole in. It was as if it had its own air conditioning. It was nice. Sekky asked if I wished to go up and meet Sam ([.:.Close. the. god. damn. door.:.]) with him, "ok" i said. So we went up to meet Sam, he was on his bike - but because he had never rode a bike in many years, he was a bit shit. So we got to Sekkys house, he dumped off his bike and I had a dump in his cuboard (He has a toilet in his cuboard, crazy I know) then we set off to the Market Tavern, where we met up with Ben ([Chunky Monkey]) and Scotty.

Many Snakes and ladders games later, Sam appeared smelling of that pendanted Restaurant smell, and we walked up to Sekkys to get her changed. (We didnt get her changed, we just watched - well, tried to watch, but Sekky bumped his head so we cudnt see up the little holes).

We walked down to Denwick again, and the party had started. We set a little fire up, told jokes and messed about. "They are coming" shouted Steveo, and we were then told gonzo, Aileen ([.Sweet . cheeks.]) and erve were on there way down with the "shopping". They got to the camp at about 11.30pm and we shared the goods they bought, and had a really fun time. Hamish ([Ambitions as a Rider]) also randomly turned up, and we had a right old laugh. It was time for several people to depart now, and they found it hard to walk home. Me tho, I went to sleep at about 3am after doing many voices and playing games with Stevo. It was a very successful day.

WHAT DID I SLEEP IN/ON? A tent on the floor

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