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Written about Friday 2005-05-27
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Well I ([jobby]) think I am going to start and log my dates on this good old piece of kit. So, what did I get up today? Well, I will set the scene. I got up at 8am, because my car is fucked and I have to get a lift in with my auntie instead of the freedom of driving in and opening up a little bit late. Anyways, I got to work at 8.30 and opened at 9am. It was a good day I guess, steady business flow with several new clients including Carlos Fish bar and 1st Caffe Vesuvio. The time had come up to 5pm, and it was time for me to leave and meet up with my good old gothic chums, Gonzo ([act of chief]) and Steve ([ironboundtreo]) and we had a little mish to sit in Fleetwoods. "I want a coke" asked steveo politely, so I got him a coke and we all drank our cokes, and they smoked there ciggareettes. We were getting ready to mish down to Denwick bridge where were going to have a party.

The time has got time to walk down to Denwick, and I meet up with several other people Including James Clark. We decide to go up to his house and get a bag, to fill it up lots and lots of alcohol from victoria wines. "Im going to go down on my bicycle" said James. I told him not too, as his bike is shit and if we were going to get "drunk" then it wouldn't be advisable.

So we went and filled our boots with alcohol, not literally, as we had a bag. Once we arrived in Denwick, we set up a tent - but I forgot the top bit, so it was like sleeping in a tent, with a hole in. It was as if it had its own air conditioning. It was nice. Sekky asked if I wished to go up and meet Sam ([.:.Close. the. god. damn. door.:.]) with him, "ok" i said. So we went up to meet Sam, he was on his bike - but because he had never rode a bike in many years, he was a bit shit. So we got to Sekkys house, he dumped off his bike and I had a dump in his cuboard (He has a toilet in his cuboard, crazy I know) then we set off to the Market Tavern, where we met up with Ben ([Chunky Monkey]) and Scotty.

Many Snakes and ladders games later, Sam appeared smelling of that pendanted Restaurant smell, and we walked up to Sekkys to get her changed. (We didnt get her changed, we just watched - well, tried to watch, but Sekky bumped his head so we cudnt see up the little holes).

We walked down to Denwick again, and the party had started. We set a little fire up, told jokes and messed about. "They are coming" shouted Steveo, and we were then told gonzo, Aileen ([.Sweet . cheeks.]) and erve were on there way down with the "shopping". They got to the camp at about 11.30pm and we shared the goods they bought, and had a really fun time. Hamish ([Ambitions as a Rider]) also randomly turned up, and we had a right old laugh. It was time for several people to depart now, and they found it hard to walk home. Me tho, I went to sleep at about 3am after doing many voices and playing games with Stevo. It was a very successful day.

WHAT DID I SLEEP IN/ON? A tent on the floor

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