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Written about Saturday 2004-01-17
Written: (6212 days ago)

I was just flipping through random members on here when a thought occured to me, since we're carbon based life forms, if your heart just kept getting smaller and smaller, wouldn't it eventually become a lump of coal?

"These are the thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools"
- George Carlin

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Written about Thursday 2004-01-15
Written: (6214 days ago)

I'm lazy, get bent.

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Written about Monday 2004-01-12
Written: (6216 days ago)

hmm, Captain's Log, stardate 1-12-04. Nah, I'll stop the Star Trek routine before the inevitable Uranus jokes ensue. So, today...in Yearbook my computer had been reformatted so I got to try and recreate my pages. Lovely.

Ok, well, I suppose I'm going to go watch Monty Python or something.

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Written about Thursday 2004-01-08
Written: (6221 days ago)
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Wow, just found out I had a diary on here. Think of all the nerdy things I could write so that now people in other countries can say "psht, what a loser". Ah, the wonders that technology brings us. So..what the crap do people normally write in these things? 'I am riding on a roller-coaster of emotions, for Jenny has asked me to the ball!!' Heeeeeeck no. The most exciting thing that's happened today is the fact that for some reason my mom made waffles for supper. Hmm, what am I doing right now? Right now I am listening to Evanescence. Because their song 'Eternal' has rain in it...and I like rain...and it isn't raining outside...meat.

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