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Written about Saturday 2005-08-20
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Today, my boss turned to me and said "I don't understand you." Just like that. Just like .. it was some truth or something. And I know he's foreign and doesn't speak english very well..but..it was just the way he said it, ya know? Like he really didn't understand me. And that really freaked me out. What if...no one understood me?
What if...What if I was just this girl that everyone would just smile and nod towards. I feel like whenever I do something...they just say "Oh, that's just the crazy girl and her antics."
Am I really "lost in translation"?
Am I really speaking in a language that no one speaks? Like some...high-powered mutant dialect? It's like...you suddenly realize that you're talking in this...strange tongue that no one knows...and then realizing you can't learn the right language. Then, you feel so...completely...and utterly....

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