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Written about Wednesday 2003-12-24
Written: (6610 days ago)
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Heh, so much for me keeping up this diary stuff XD though it would help if something interesting actually happened in my life...


I got my cam working, hence the picture of me looking like I've been hypnotized by something...I had a lazy day today, okay, I have A LOT of lazy days, I'm just a lazy person...

Went Christmas shopping, met cute guy in Ann Summers shop XD he asked if I saw anything I liked while I was waiting outside the dressing room and I said no. I've been called an idiot a number of times because of that, apparently I turned him down and said I didn't want him. It's not my fault I'm oblivious! The only time I really notice anything is when I'm in pain, like the time I trod on a pin...no shoes, socks, or any other protection. At first I didn't realise, I just gave a moany 'Owww...' and then looked down to see my trousers pinned to the sole of my foot, replacing it with a 'Okay...ow!' I also get pain when I'm round some else's house, it's just not fair !~!

There was this stupid film on today called 'The Magick Pudding' it was about a Koala bear searching for his parents, who by the way, are slaves to a giant rat that is eternally hungry, and on his way meets a magickal talking steak and kidney pudding, which had a striking resemblance to the Grinch! So anyway, along with a cross-eyed bear and a shrew of some sort, everyone wants to eat this magickal pudding, and so the story of the koala bear and his search for his parents gets pushed aside to watch pudding thieves...I know it's meant to be for kids, but come on! Give the younger generation some credit!

Okay...I'm over it...

I applied for a job at B & Q, I had to take a personality test, which was actually pretty accurate, yea I done that online too. I spend way too much time online, though I am beginning to venture outside a bit more XD Which reminds me, party Christmas Eve! Woot! Definitely being going to that!

*looks at time*

Which is today...HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!

B.M. [Ho ho ho...]

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Written about Sunday 2003-12-21
Written: (6612 days ago)

Oh wow! Diary thing ^^ Spiffyness. I never normally manage to keep these things going, but hey, there's always a first time XD So, let me see...what did I do today?

I went shopping, but not just any old shopping, oh no! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! And I didn't buy a thing, well, except a sandwich and a hot chocolate...I won some money when I went out last night, twas fun, I just closed my eyes and pointed, and then bingo, £40 richer! Woot!

I've just noticed the 'this diary is sad and empty' thing XD, fun! I love joining new sites, lot's of new links to click, I don't know where I'm going to go next or if anyone is even going to look at my profile...!~!

What now? Hmmm, I've just downloaded a new program so my cam will work (hopefully), and uh, I'm feeling uninspired, I need a muse...maybe I should advertise? Well, want to be my muse? Let me know, we'll talk business!

B.M. [I am one with my duality]

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