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Written about Sunday 2003-12-21
Written: (6612 days ago)

Oh wow! Diary thing ^^ Spiffyness. I never normally manage to keep these things going, but hey, there's always a first time XD So, let me see...what did I do today?

I went shopping, but not just any old shopping, oh no! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! And I didn't buy a thing, well, except a sandwich and a hot chocolate...I won some money when I went out last night, twas fun, I just closed my eyes and pointed, and then bingo, £40 richer! Woot!

I've just noticed the 'this diary is sad and empty' thing XD, fun! I love joining new sites, lot's of new links to click, I don't know where I'm going to go next or if anyone is even going to look at my profile...!~!

What now? Hmmm, I've just downloaded a new program so my cam will work (hopefully), and uh, I'm feeling uninspired, I need a muse...maybe I should advertise? Well, want to be my muse? Let me know, we'll talk business!

B.M. [I am one with my duality]

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