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Written about Monday 2010-07-19
Written: (4327 days ago)

con in less than five days, ffffff.

Just got back from seeing relatives, think I might have picked up some illness from the cousins' little kidnicks. One aunt/uncle have 10 grandkids, all girls; another have 3, all boys, with another (gender unknown) on the way.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-07-07
Written: (4339 days ago)

Chapter 1 needs editing, chapter 2 is half written after about an hour. There was a lot of groundwork to lay in the beginning, but I wonder if it's too much. Might need to spread that out a bit, so it doesn't turn into walls of text and talking heads.

Need more research on the historical time frame I'm basing their little continent on. I think I'm calling the country to the west Port because of all the natural bays and harbors. It's capital, Port of Crowns, is near the ocean on one of the harbors. It isn't a big country, but it does a lot of trade and has many colonies.
The country to the east is still nameless and having problems with two warring minorities after one tried to form their own country. The ruling majority thought it would putter out quickly, but several years later it's become an all out war.
The country to the east of the east is full of ambitious bastards who want to create an empire.
The country that the story starts in needs a name, but the capital is named Sonia after the first Queen. They do not recognize the little country to the north in the barren foothills. It used to be their land, but they were fine with a minority group struggling to live there until gold was discovered. They've been fighting on and off for 100 years, and the gold is pretty much gone now. Port got most of it, since they share a small stretch of border.
Little north country needs a name and capital. They used to be obscenely rich, not so much now.
North of most of those countries is a mountain range, with an arid steppe/grasslands beyond it. Bands of nomads live there. Farther north than that is supposedly an ancient forest with gigantic trees. But that's not terribly important to this story, and the "civilized" peoples thing the nomads are crazy anyway.

Yay worldbuilding!

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Written about Friday 2010-07-02
Written: (4344 days ago)

One and maybe a quarter of a scene to go for Pilgrim chapter 1 script. My scripts are pretty much just the dialogue with a few notes flung in, yet still somehow take ages to write. Thumbs will be done this weekend, maybe?

Ah hah, oh the students in this art program. "I think X artwork is the best in this chapter because *insert a laundry list of subjective reasons with nary a mention of a single design principle or visual element.*"

Head, meet desk. I get the feeling we will become close friends in the next year and a half.

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Written about Thursday 2010-07-01
Written: (4345 days ago)

Whoa, hah. Failed NaNo big time. I ought to know better by now than to try and fly by the seat of my pants, I always fall flat on my ass. I sketched 18 pages, then scrapped half of it, so what I posted a few weeks back is the stuff I'm keeping, with some fixes.

BUT! Pilgrim seems to be heading in a good direction, so hopefully things will start moving more smoothly. More and more excess is getting trimmed out, and it's interesting to see in what areas I'm reverting back to REALLY old bits of plot. Tentative restart is probably going to get pushed back a bit. Need more research.

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Written about Thursday 2010-06-10
Written: (4366 days ago)

Caught a cold, bleh. But running a light fever always seems to get the gears clanking, so I dreamt up another idea for a potential comic. Dunno if it's any good yet. Thumbnailed 25 pages of it, while it was still vivid in my mind. I guess I will dub it "Dude who fights jaguars" and file it away with "Girl who talks to birds"

Need to work on Pilgrim thumbs.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-05-26
Written: (4381 days ago)

Wow, it's been a while since I made a wiki.


Now my wisdom teeth meds are knocking me out, so I need to get to bed.

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Written about Tuesday 2010-05-25
Written: (4382 days ago)

Damn, the animation class I was going to take this summer was canceled because there weren't enough students enrolled. Now I'm going to have to switch around my fall schedule.

At least this will give me more time to get the first chapter of Pilgrim ready for SogenCon at the end of July. My goal is to get it all finished and either print them on a copy machine (wasn't too hard last time), or have the local print shop do it, depending on what they quote me. I just bought a long-arm stapler, so I can assemble them myself. The size of the minis should be about 5x8"

Remember, NaNoMangO is in June! 30 penciled pages, 15 inked, or 10 finished! You can always shoot for more.
Here's the livejournal community http://community.livejournal.com/nanomango/ (they have memes)
I'm following along with a bunch of others on GaiaOnline

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Written about Thursday 2010-05-20
Written: (4387 days ago)
Next in thread: 1116722

Pilgrim chapter 1 thumbs are FINALLY done :D 30 pages long, provided I don't alter anything. And I'm about halfway through the script for chapter 2. A bunch of characters got trimmed out for sake of simplicity, but it turns out a lot of it was my problem with trying to shoehorn things in just because.
And the crits I was getting often mentioned how slow the pacing was, so I wanted to speed things up. 30 pages per chapter, at least 2 chapters per year is the goal. While I'm still in school, anyway.

Well, tomorrow morning I get all my wisdom teeth removed, so I think I'll marathon Lord of the Rings and keep plugging away at the chapter 2 thumbs.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-05-19
Written: (4388 days ago)


Made by animation students at a school in France. I love well done 2D animation. <3

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Written about Saturday 2010-05-15
Written: (4392 days ago)

Yikes, I wish I knew what I did to my left shoulder to make it ache so bad. I thought it would get better after a few days, but it only seems to be getting worse. I must be sleeping funny or something. Pain killers, then back to art I suppose.

Nearly done scripting Pilgrim chapter 1, then I just need to finish up thumbs and start sketching. Gonna start inking those volunteer pages I picked up and put in a movie. I've been checking out old Don Bluth / Disney / etc animated films from the library. Very nostalgic.
Gotta pick between Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Iron Giant. Hmmmmmm...

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Written about Friday 2010-05-07
Written: (4400 days ago)

And the semester is done.
I've concluded that half of my classmates are full of shit and how much they hate an instructor is directly proportional to how awesome of a teacher they are.
The standards were damn low, that was disappointing, and half the "fine art" pieces that got into the Student Juried Show were obviously copied from photographs. They were bad copies, too. I mean, really bad. I've seen better from middle school age kids.

I just, argh. The mind boggles.
3D Design was awesome though, I hope I can fit in another course by that instructor. Here is hoping the next semester, with a fresh batch of instructors, is better.

And now it is time for delicious comic making. I think I've had a breakthrough at last with the story for Pilgrim, and just need to pump out the thumbnails now. I'm doing 5 pages for a volunteer comic book project while I wait for my bristol board to arrive. Half penciled in 2 days, definitely booting me out of my comfort zone. First time drawing from someone else's script, too.

PS, NaNoMangO is in June. 30 days, 30 penciled comic pages. I'm gonna do my best!
I also really, really want to practice painting on the computer or with watercolors or something. I've been reading up on color theory.

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Written about Tuesday 2010-05-04
Written: (4403 days ago)

Go figure I get sick right when school ends. >.<
Gonna put in a movie and draw, too much needs doing in too little time!

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Written about Tuesday 2010-04-27
Written: (4410 days ago)

Blah. I'm going to go fiddle with character designs or something. The best thing about the Pentel pocket brush pen is that I can ink while sitting in bed or on the sofa and not worry about making a big mess. And the lack of mess in general. I hate cleaning brushes.

Now where did I put the 9x12 bristol...

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Written about Monday 2010-04-26
Written: (4411 days ago)

That pen is my new favorite tool. Erasing did rub off some of the ink, so I need to try a softer eraser next time. But it is lovely on bristol. I keep reading about people who refill the cartridges with different kinds of ink, and India ink can go in it if the pen does not sit unused for too long.

Hacked another chunk off of the comic. Sometimes the only reason I have a certain scene or element in the story in there is because it was written early on. And then I wind up trying to shoehorn it in as other things are changing. And it is just not necessary anymore and needlessly complicates everything else. This is a simple story about finding and keeping company, so let's keep it from getting too complex, eh?

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Written about Thursday 2010-04-22
Written: (4414 days ago)

Wondering if I really even want to tone my comic. Designs would need tweaking to work in just black & white, and I'd need to make sure I'm able to show the different ethnicities of the characters. It's been looking decent in the face structure of the last few sketches I've done. I think the challenge will be creating the level of depth and detail I envision without it becoming a huge mess. Those trees will be interesting to wrestle with.

Toning, or at least the way I've been doing it, is just a huge chore for me. In a way it's also been a shortcut. derpderp, don't know what to do with that, throw a tone on call it good. 

But I know about the principles of design and the visual elements now, so I have the tools to figure out how to make this work. Thinking back, it's crazy how much I've been flying blind. I have learned so, so much this semester. I can't wait to apply it all to my comic.

I have the rough thumbs for the first scene done, it is currently 14 pages. It's different, but the same. Rae is tougher, more assertive and being a meanie.
I want to try out the brush pen with actual bristles I got for Christmas, but I haven't put an ink cartridge into it yet because I don't want it to sit around unused. My brushes have not been wanting to hold a fine point, the lines of what I've inked lately are thick and uniform and BORING.

School's done next week, finals are in May. Wow. But that means Free Comic Book Day is coming up! :D

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Written about Monday 2010-04-19
Written: (4418 days ago)
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Fff, this chapter. Eventually I'm going to have to stop fussing over it and draw. It's the beginning I'm getting hung up on, always the beginning. I need to sit down and just hammer out a script and thumbnails.
Hmmm. I had the thumbnails almost done, but the pacing was going too fast and it felt like character interactions and scenery were getting shortchanged. So. The plan is to get a notebook, and sketch the thumbs at half the size I plan to draw at. With the tiny thumbs and 11x14 actual size, I feel like I'm either crowding or not putting enough into each page.

At least my two-week Morrowind binge seems to be over. I have no more desire to play so I'll actually get some things done this week. I don't even think about that stupid game for months, but when I do play it I get hooked.

EDIT: larger thumbnails are working way WAY better.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-04-14
Written: (4423 days ago)

Good little video for those shooting for an art career:

DA update in progress, some stuff I've been doing in my art classes.

I know DA (and many other sites) has problems with infected ads, so I use Firefox with the Ad Block+ add-on. Kills almost all the ads and makes surfing the internet a much nicer experience. :)

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Written about Friday 2010-04-09
Written: (4428 days ago)

Got my registration sent in for 2 of the 3 cons I want to do this year. Hopefully I can turn a profit at each one! Now I'm thinking it's a good thing I did not plan on a June con because that's when my animation class is.

I also wonder about doing more next year, but that really depends on my class load. I want to graduate as soon as possible.

3 art projects are due next week, so I need to get back to work!

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Written about Monday 2010-04-05
Written: (4432 days ago)

How to Train Your Dragon was such a fun movie. First one I've seen in 3D too. Expensive at the local theater though. Don't know if I want to see it again badly enough to spend another $10.50

Jumped into the second scene of chapter 1, because I want to draw Gareth. It's working better. At this rate I should have the rest of the chapter thumbnailed out by the end of the week. Things are clicking, yay!

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Written about Thursday 2010-04-01
Written: (4435 days ago)

Drove off with my art supply bin on the roof of my car, and came back to find it had been run over a few times and everything was scattered all over the street. After scooping the mess up and getting it home, I found that almost everything was still in one piece (or still usable in pieces). A few things I fixed with tape and super glue, but the only really smashed items were the bin itself, one colored pencil, and a clicky eraser. I've tossed it all in a shoebox for now, but I'll need to get something waterproof soon. How's that for luck?

Still fussing over Pilgrim. I'm trying to be more intuitive with it, but I tend to second guess myself a lot. Too much, I think. I'm hoping larger thumbnail sketches will help me tighten up the pacing. I've really got to order more bristol this weekend too.

I also went and hooked myself and my little brother on Fables. Check it out, if you haven't already. It's a fantastic series.

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Written about Monday 2010-03-29
Written: (4438 days ago)

Rewrote and rethumbnailed the first scene. Still seven pages long, though I'm still not sure about the last two pages. Need to order some more bristol.
It's starting that's always the hardest for me. Once I get moving I hum along just fine. At least most of the identified plot holes are fixed now. I don't know if it got any shorter, but it does seem simpler now. Simple is good.

Taking 9 credits this summer, including the animation class, and another 15 in the fall. Art history 1, color theory, painting 1, figure drawing, and animation 2.

Of course, I've got this idea now that just keeps churning away in my head, about a girl who can talk to birds and a steam powered gnome. He has a top hat with a little chimney pipe sticking out of it, it's cute. It was a really odd dream I had, I don't remember if I wrote about it or not. For some reason he was looking for rubies with another gnome who was part clockwork.
It's a little frustrating to try and work on Pilgrim and then end up jotting things down about this one instead. Oh well, I think it has potential.

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