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Written about Friday 2003-11-14
Written: (5508 days ago)
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it's official...elfwood doesn't want me :) yeah, big tragedy. i guess there weren't any bonus points for creativity on that final exam they gave me in the application. am i the only one who feels just a taaad bit patronized here? i mean, i don't know how big this rulebook is (i will never read those rules because i feel that they are evil and if i read them i might become an evil slave and be forced to go out into the world as an evil zombie to spread evil), but come on...short answer questions?? what the hell is this, MENSA? we're a bunch of dice-throwing losers (for all practical purposes), since when are we so stuck up that there's an exam just to post some creativity? but hey, it's cool. i'm not going to complain. i won't allude to the overbearing fascist overtones to this little society y'all have going. i won't suggest the inherent absurdity of people who have (most likely) been made fun of for a good part of their lives, and then turn around and give similar people the finger. if i had a big HYPOCRITE sign (i'm getting one, i swear), i would be waving it over my head like my naked redneck girlfriend at a Poison concert. but i'm not complaining. my stories probably would have just been rejected anyway, because i don't base my fiction on someone else's outmoded ideas. i don't think Tolkein is the final word on fantasy. i mean...if it isn't reality, it's fantasy, right? just because i don't like pointy-ears and long-beards, i don't know what fantasy is? no...i'm just not welcome on elfwood. that's cool though, because in ten years we'll take another little evaluation, and we'll see who's making a living and who's still hanging around a website commenting on some 12 year-old's wood elf. there, i'm done.

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Written about Sunday 2003-11-09
Written: (5513 days ago)

yeah....let's tack on another two artists to that list i'm referring to down there. they're dropping like flies! someone come save me.

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Written about Monday 2003-11-03
Written: (5519 days ago)

AAAGGH! what is it about artists that make them the flakiest people on earth? ok, so maybe flakiest isn't a word....and i'm generalizing. it's just very frustrating. hmm..let's see.....how many artists have i gone through since i started this story? at least a dozen. it's ridiculous. yes, i AM very forward about my project. i like to talk about it, get people interested, and there's nothing greater than to see my creation realized through an artist's interpretation. i feel cursed with this idea that may never be realized. after so much work too. isn't there an artist with balls out there? or at the very least, don't start avoiding me and signing off of AIM when i get on. there aren't words to describe how immature and selfish that is. ok, maybe there are words....immature and selfish. all it takes is a little honesty, and some of you are so scared of yourselves or being embarrassed or something, that you can't even do that. pathetic. sorry...this isn't a well organized diary entry.

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Written about Saturday 2003-11-01
Written: (5521 days ago)
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in heaven, Vinos has a pot belly because his ectoplasmic representational form is heavy with knowledge. on earth, he uses his shape shifting powers to cover it up and give himself a six pack. i just thought that was kinda funny.

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Written about Friday 2003-10-31
Written: (5522 days ago)

#3 is coming along. Still in the outline stage, but it's getting better. Sweet, the Goddess of Love....she is a very tough character. I'm trying my best to pull her out more, so that she's less of a supporting character. She's the only one of the main characters that I really haven't focused on at all (Steve and Frank, the two cops have gotten plenty of screen time, Johnny is probably a close second and Bitter at least has his own subplot). I really like her too, I just have trouble getting inside her head. The same is true for all of the gods, but mostly the female ones. Oh well, keep plugging away. Once again, if anyone wants to take a look, feel free to ask.

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Written about Tuesday 2003-10-14
Written: (5539 days ago)

eh...diary...perhaps an update if anyone feels inspired to snoop around. number 1's all done...rough draft at least. just need an artist to try his hand at it. it'd be very nice to find someone close by so we could work at it together. my writing style isn't specific at all...which is risky for someone i can't see frequently.
number 2's done too, and it is so very very sweet. anyone who wants to take a gander should just ask. i'm a huge believer in workshopping and feedback.
anyway, number 3 is in the works, and it isn't going as smoothly as the first two, because i'm trying to work on characters that need some attention. it'll come out though.

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