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Written about Friday 2003-10-31
Written: (5523 days ago)

#3 is coming along. Still in the outline stage, but it's getting better. Sweet, the Goddess of Love....she is a very tough character. I'm trying my best to pull her out more, so that she's less of a supporting character. She's the only one of the main characters that I really haven't focused on at all (Steve and Frank, the two cops have gotten plenty of screen time, Johnny is probably a close second and Bitter at least has his own subplot). I really like her too, I just have trouble getting inside her head. The same is true for all of the gods, but mostly the female ones. Oh well, keep plugging away. Once again, if anyone wants to take a look, feel free to ask.

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Written about Tuesday 2003-10-14
Written: (5540 days ago)

eh...diary...perhaps an update if anyone feels inspired to snoop around. number 1's all done...rough draft at least. just need an artist to try his hand at it. it'd be very nice to find someone close by so we could work at it together. my writing style isn't specific at all...which is risky for someone i can't see frequently.
number 2's done too, and it is so very very sweet. anyone who wants to take a gander should just ask. i'm a huge believer in workshopping and feedback.
anyway, number 3 is in the works, and it isn't going as smoothly as the first two, because i'm trying to work on characters that need some attention. it'll come out though.

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