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Written about Thursday 2008-10-30
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I've been very saddened by my state and country recently. Those of you who live in California have already heard about "Prop 8" which wants to ban gay marriage in the state again. I was shocked and ashamed when I heard that our normally liberal state is going back again on what should already be national law. I am severely disheartened that extremist, bigoted religious groups still control Washington and no one seems to see this as wrong. Banning gay marriage is as wrong as not hiring someone based on skin color, or hating someone merely for having a mental disorder....it's against the law for anyone to discriminate for ANY reason and marriage shouldn't be any different.

I hope that all of you will speak out against this horrible discrimination and absolute preposterous fear of gay marriage. Until the world seems to come to it's senses I will continue to vote in favor of anyone who is in love to have the right to be married. Straight woman or not, I have the responsibility to stand up whenever I see anyone being treated unfairly.

Straight people for gay marriages...because their marriage is beautiful.

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