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Written about Tuesday 2010-10-26
Written: (4231 days ago)

Recently I saw an old teacher from my middle school days. He's this pear-shaped man with a shiny shiny head (meaning he is bald or has magnificent hair that is like a motherfucking disco ball), and him being pear shaped, he also has a round tummy and thunder thighs/ legs. Have you ever played field hockey? If you haven't imagine the "Bad News Bears", but with wooden sticks on the ground chasing after a ball. Its like..hardcore polo or croquet. So anyways. The teacher/parent game was when the parents and teachers scrimaged the field hockey girls. Which sounds exciting and fun, but not when its in the 40's and you're running around in a skirt and overweight parents (like..trolls or something) are chasing you around for a little orange ball that weighs less than a baby but more than an actual orange. So this big pear-shaped man is running into my circle of defense, and I have to get the orange motherfucker out of my area before they score a goal and this big BEAR of a guy runs up to me as I swing for the ball, trying to chuck it out onto the otherside of the field, and when I turn to hit the ball he's trying to jump over me. And for a second he almost made it over me. Until gravity kicked in. Not fun when a grown overweight man trys to jump over you and messes the fuck up.

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Written about Saturday 2010-08-28
Written: (4290 days ago)
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Wanna watch me talk at you on my computer?

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Written about Wednesday 2010-08-25
Written: (4292 days ago)

Holly: Ooh.
Holly: I'mma go to bed sooneh
BellaSue: Me, too.
Holly: -hughughug-
Holly: Want me to read you a bedtime story?
BellaSue: :D
Holly: Mmkay.
Holly: Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died.
BellaSue: :O
Holly: And then J.K Rowling beat up Stephenie Meyer by bludgeoning her to death with Robert Pattinson's massive forehead.
BellaSue is typing...
BellaSue: XD
Holly: And so as she stood there being retarded, Taylor Lautnet sued a trailer company because he needs a fucking trailer now, now three days late.
Holly: And then Suemya and Holly hid under Holly's bed and read comic books and manga until it was time for tea,and Suemya and Holly got up and went and had deelishous tea on the moon.
Holly: The end.
Holly: :3

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Written about Thursday 2010-07-29
Written: (4320 days ago)
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Written about Friday 2010-07-23
Written: (4326 days ago)

Sometimes..you can cry until there's nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And still, it makes no difference. It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you. And you know that if it ever did relent...
It would not be because it cared.

Johnny C.
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Written about Sunday 2010-07-18
Written: (4331 days ago)
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This is the story of the girl with no tits. Went to my school. No tits. Big dumb moon face.

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Written about Thursday 2010-07-15
Written: (4334 days ago)

<rant>I hate it when people's usernames make no fucking sense or are oxymorons.</rant>

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Written about Sunday 2010-04-25
Written: (4415 days ago)

The color of hunger is everything. Like a really shitty watercolor thing. You know how that goes, like... the paper is too thin, so there are spots where it looks eroded, or like,sunken in. There are bits and flashes of different colors, as if a rave were behind your eyelids. There are empty bits in the color of hunger, splashes that were missed, like when a teacher erases everything on the board but one little bit and it annoys that one person in the class with OCD. The color of hunger is ugly and brown in some places, and sometimes purple and green in others. It's weird, but that's what the color of hunger is.

...Got bored. creativewritingprompts.com.

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