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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-22
Written: (4336 days ago)

picture the scene.... christmas day 4789ad, the bainbridge and ritchey residence, mars.
a metal tree in the corner, decorated with moon rock and alien eggs. we exhange shrink wrapped gifts and pods. ben got me a new oxygen tank, the darling! i got him some alien repellant, those little buggars can be a right annoyance. at the dinner table our dehydrated food is delicious, we ordered it in especially from venus. its not even in tablet form, its this fancy new block food which came just in time. leigh bowser is not invited, especially after last christmas when she brought that martian round as her 'plus-one' and he absorbed all our alcohol via osmosis. we just couldnt risk it this year. after dinner we settle down to watch the queen's hologram speech, its so good thats she's lasted this long. the queen's hologram teleports away, and cat runs in through the air tight chamber. he's been out for a play in the red dusty craters. he makes such a mess!! *tuts*

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Written about Sunday 2008-01-20
Written: (4338 days ago)

i had a dream and in my dream i was listening to the arcade fire then i woke up and you know that state of daze where you are still asleep but also awake. i was thinking about the arcade fire and i thought to my self i will listen to them today. and i turned on my laptop put itunes on and the first song that came on was an arcade fire song oh the fate of it all

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Written about Friday 2008-01-18
Written: (4340 days ago)

today i had to get up at half 7 which sucked but then i got ready, i chose to wear this excellent teeshirt which has 3 people one is saying THERE one is saying THEIR and the other is saying THEY'RE i love it. i also wore a red skirt and some wooly brown tights and my brown rocket dog boots they are very comfortable. i got the 8oclock bus, which got me into college at 10 to nine. i got a hash brown sandwich for breakfast and ate it on the way to my exam. I first had a general studies exam about culture, it lasted 1 hour 15 minutes. I thought I did ok in it. Then we had a 5 minute break and had another general studies exam about sociology, I think i did rather well in this because it was about government, and one of my best friends studies politics and she always tell me about it. I finished a bit early, left the exam with about 10 minutes left. I got the bus home and i had a lovely nap against the window whilst listening to music. I woke up a few stops before my stop. Then i got off the bus and came home. My mother is out somewhere or other. But my nana is in because she never leaves the house because she's very elderly. I had a little chat with her then i came up to my room and here i am. I am waiting for my best friend ben to finish work so we can go to town. We're gonna get some gig tickets, maybe have a look in some of the charity shops to pick up a bargain or two, then go to the pub for a few. I am looking forward to it a lot.
at 2:30pm i met ben in houghton, we got the bus to heworth then got the metro into newcastle. we wet to get gig tickets but the box office was closed. so we got milkshakes (i got reeces peanut butter cup whatever flavour). then we went and got some ice creams, i regretted the flavour i choose because it was not nice. we went to topman to spy on the hot boy who works there but he was not in, a very shame. so then we gave up and went to the pub, 2 bottles of wine and some cider = a good night. and on the way home a man took a photo of us which is apparently going to be in the local newspaper

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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
Written: (4340 days ago)

Hello it is 12:05pm and I have just came home from college. I had an exam this morning, it was General Studies which is a useless subject. It started 9:15 which meant i had to get the 8:05am bus, which got me to college at 8:55. This was horrible because i hate waking up early. There are 3 General Studies exams in total, and today's was the Science Domain, which I am not too bad at. I think that it went well overall, I am sure that I excelled in question 3 which was about overpopulation of the earth. However i didn't think i did too well in question 2. Question 2 required me to make up an experiment about plant growth using a scientific method supplied. The question was worded badly and I didn't quite understand what i was meant to do but I completed it the best I could. I left the exam 15 minutes early, at 10:15. I then made it to the bus-stop quickly and luckily i caught the 10:20 bus. I got home at 11am and I am now back in bed which is nice. However i am rather hungry i might venture downstairs in the near future to prepare myself a cheese sandwich.

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