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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
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Hello it is 12:05pm and I have just came home from college. I had an exam this morning, it was General Studies which is a useless subject. It started 9:15 which meant i had to get the 8:05am bus, which got me to college at 8:55. This was horrible because i hate waking up early. There are 3 General Studies exams in total, and today's was the Science Domain, which I am not too bad at. I think that it went well overall, I am sure that I excelled in question 3 which was about overpopulation of the earth. However i didn't think i did too well in question 2. Question 2 required me to make up an experiment about plant growth using a scientific method supplied. The question was worded badly and I didn't quite understand what i was meant to do but I completed it the best I could. I left the exam 15 minutes early, at 10:15. I then made it to the bus-stop quickly and luckily i caught the 10:20 bus. I got home at 11am and I am now back in bed which is nice. However i am rather hungry i might venture downstairs in the near future to prepare myself a cheese sandwich.

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