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Written about Thursday 2009-07-23
Written: (4079 days ago)
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--------This Is a Letter I wrote to Tiffany [xbitchx24], Someone I thought Loved me.-----------------

Dear Tiffany,

I want you to know something and While I may never know
why you have Lied, used, and Crushed me and broken my heart.
I feel it is important for you to know something.
I loved you, I really did.
I thought you loved me, but you were just pretending after all why would you do this? If you truly loved me then you wouldn't already have moved in with another guy, you wouldn't have told me how much better he was in the sack then I was. So i want to tell you something.
I used to love you, but no more so when you come running to me,
(Eventually, Its happened before, I was just a fool) after he is tired of fucking you and dumps you on your ass with no where to go.
I won't be there this time. I won't be waiting.
No one has ever hurt me so deeply, so forcefully.
No Girl has ever made me cry.
I used to love you....
Now I hate you....

Farewell Tiffany.


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Written about Tuesday 2009-05-05
Written: (4159 days ago)

I Am your Armor, Your Helmet, your sword, and your shield
For you My Love I will always yield

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