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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-25
Written: (4042 days ago)

a pull of the rope...
a twist of the knob...

and weary spectators witness the diary being kick-started into gear once more.

to any of those members who are really that insatiable in their curiosity of these words spewing forth from my mind's mandibles...i have decided that i will henceforth pick up from this day forward the act of jotting down whatever mental ramblings i have in store.

ergo, i'll have some use for this sector of my house.

for those who stumble upon this area, you will discover very little in the way of anything stupendous. i don't know whether i'll be writing something down here because i'm sad, glad, insightful, or spiteful....but whatever it is, i'll make sure that it deserves to be said here in these entries.

dreams, thoughts, feelings, ponderings, ideas, plans, strategies...perhaps all of the above will be laid to rest here, or simply cataloged in these entries so that i can resuscitate them later for some kind of mad project or dark scheme...or just maybe a sketch or writing of some kind. either way, productivity is the aim i suppose. a means to an end, as well as the end itself.

and so it begins. again.
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