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Written about Sunday 2012-01-15
Written: (3104 days ago)

Why is it that it has been like 10 years but yet I still get pumped when I watch 28 weeks later..Why cant Z-Day just come already!! although I need a more reliable truck for when it happens.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-08-04
Written: (3633 days ago)

So the world as we know it has finally broke and left a void waiting to be filled. the time for adventure has restarted. There is a distant adventure calling, a gap that needs to be filled. The journey i speak of ladies and gents is known as private contracting. It has finally hit its peak, and is very plausible. As soon as my Contract is up, this guy will be a mercenary. Yes it's true. The army truelly is a waste of time, it only gives you usefull skills to use when you get out. The whole concept of the U.S. military has been destroyed by the civilieans that we defend. The military of WWII no longer exist, its now a bunch of soft wet nose puppies. Add in the fact that the military is so poorly managed that nothing gets done like it should and if we ever fought a real army we would be so screwed.
The future is made up of the elite, mercenaries, who will not be bound to the dumb ass idealogy that the American civiliens have placed on (and screwed) the military with. You see as a soldier in the U.S. military, I make a whopping $1800 a month. now 1800x6 months= 10800. Now add in the fact that before i can kill a known enemy, i have to fire a flare, then fire a warning shot...along with the billion other retarded rules that civiliens that have never fought in a war have placed on us...its a stupid career to be in. Now as a mercenary, I will be making $500,000 every 6 months, 6 months of vacation a year, and I shoot to kill. Right now the U.S. government is using 82% private contracters because its own forces are useless. their hands are tied behind their backs.

Now i realized after talking with a few soon to be SF guys, that this was our dream and we never even realized it until we got here. No rules, no laws binding us down. Our services go to the highest bidder, and we actually kill our enemy. No survivors, the way a war is ment to be fought. no trials in a civilian court room, no being released for political reasons, just death. This is my future. This is the future of the world. You tried to get involved and make the world a more friendly place America by taking these psychopathic religious nut jobs as prisoners in the already overflowing american justice system, which is broken as well because you run it, and it failed..all you managed to do it get more good guys killed and bad guys famous. We tried it your way...it failed, now were going to do it our way and win these wars and actually get paid something thats actually worth getting killed, and this time....were in charge.

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Written about Thursday 2009-10-15
Written: (3925 days ago)
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Damn...knew it..

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