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Written about Saturday 2008-11-08
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I'm slowly growing bored of this life.

A life where the place you can have the most fun is the computer.

A life where all of the "popular" kids think that they're better than you.

A life where all that I ask is that people could just realize that they aren't the only ones with feelings.

A life where I must defend those who cannot defend themselves from the verbal abuse of others.

A life where I wake up and realize I was once that way. A heartless piece of refuse who's greatest pleasure was the pain of others hearts. 

A life where I hate myself for what I have done and cannot undo.

A life where all that I want is to be able to have fun like I did in second grade. I didn't need a monitor or a controller to enjoy myself. I didn't have to decimate the self esteem of those less intelligent than I was. I sure as hell didn't need to worry about the way I looked to avoid being attacked for it. 

A life where some of my best friends are ruining their lives with drugs and alcohol and I know that I can't do anything to convince them otherwise. A life where my best friend since I was 7 wants to move away from here and never come back. A life where my other best friend since that time has so much inner turmoil and refuses to tell me about it so I can help him.

This is the life that I want to erase and start over. Get rid of all the smudge marks and replace them with fine lines. 

If someone knows how I can mend some of these things, please help me. Please tell me where to start. Please tell me where to end.


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Written about Thursday 2007-03-15
Written: (4206 days ago)
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K, i'm finally back for good, i got some new pics up of me, it's been about a year since i took a new one XD

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