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Written about Saturday 2006-09-09
Written: (5557 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2006-09-07
Written: (5559 days ago)
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this is the shortest bit. gonna be added to chapter 3... i think O.o

The larger of the three girls stepped forward and looked down on averlia, "see i don;t like girls like you... the kind who don;t know when to shut up"
Averlia looked straight back up at her, "awww, too bad! too bad i don;t give a shit!"
The girl pulled back her fist and charged into Averlia middle, winding her.
"i told you to shut up" the girl whispered in her ear.
"and i told you to watch you you mess with!" a strong deep, arrogant voice spoke from just above them, possibly standing on the bike shed Averlia had now folded over in front of. Two of the girls ran off, but 'Tiny Tina' remained standing, fused to the spot. She began to stutter, "s-s-s... w-we didn't know... i-is she a f-friend of y-yours?"
The voice spoke again, "you could say that... now beat it. before i knock you into next week"
"yes sir!" and with that she ran off.
Averlia straightened up,. panting heavily and watched her go.
A boy jumped down in front of her. He had long blood red hair that blew feircly in the wind, He had soft yet dangerously handsome features, that made Averlia go weak at the knees.
"you okay?"
She shook herself out of the trance and nodded, "uh..,. yeah thanks..."
He smiled and she felt her legs collapse from under her.
He rushed forward and helped her up, laughing, "sure?"
She grabbed onto his shoulders for support, and felt his muscles as she pulled herself up. They were firm, and tensed. He held her by the waist, lifting her from the ground with ease.
She looked up at him blushing, "sorry..." he caught her eye and gazed into them. Averlia felt herself blush more as she gazed back, falling for him, wanting him.... needing him...
He held her closer, tighter and leaned in, pressing his lips gently to hers. She closed her eyes and let herslef sink into his arms even more so, caressing his buldging, tense biceps and shoulders.
The school bell rang in the distance and Averlia was dragged relectantly into eality. ?The boy in front of her seemed dissappointed to. They seemed to connect for a second, both wating to skip next class to be together.
"Averlia!" She heard her brother Flavius shout of her, and her heart sank to her ankles. She turned back to Him, "thats my brother i need to go..."
He was 'hovering' around her lips, breathing on them softly, making her shivver and sweat. His eyes were half closed and he moved his ands further round her waist, "i... i don;t want you to go" He kissed her again. More passionatly this time, moving his lips up and down as she did the same, moving his hands up and down her back. She pulled away, hating herself for it and ran toward te school for her next lesson, not looking back. For a while, he just watched her... then made his own way to his next lesson.

tell me your thoughts but please nothing harsh

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Written about Sunday 2006-08-20
Written: (5577 days ago)
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going to ibiza tomorrow morning for two weeks. will miss you all but you can bet if theres a comouter nearby i'll be online as much as possible...


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Written about Saturday 2006-08-12
Written: (5585 days ago)
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had a wicked time today!!

me saffs and cora went to the green and met everyone. i went to give sean a hug and lauren came and glomped me from the side o.o

then after hanging around a bit we went up to leazes and had some fun in magic land XD then had a walk around and everyone went on the slides and bouncy castles- cept me cus i was depressed.

after a bit, me, sean, lucy and gina and dan went to get some drink and we hid in a bush and drank it with alot of other people

i'm not drunk though O.o

then we went back to the green - lucy kept falling down and shouting "i love you" to random people and i actually saw one of them after leaving nero and i got a hug XD - and we glomped Beca (demi's ex beca) and then i drank the last on my alcostuff and then we played spin the bottle. gina kissed lucy, sean kissed sophia, i kissed sean and sopia kissed me... then trippy had to go get the bus so we walked around and everyone got hugs and kisses and then we were walking back around to the green and met sarah on the way and then saffy went to nero to see cora and steph, then i waited to say goodbye to demi and sarah then went to nero and then the alcostuff kicked in...

i could walk in a straight line but i was dizzy and couldn't find words and stuffs...

But it was minty XD

wish i could do it again and i wish the spin the bottle could've lasted longer... i love you all!!!! XD

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Written about Friday 2006-07-07
Written: (5621 days ago)

i've always said that my elftown friends are my real friends and today i've found that that is infact true

my two best friends have become two people i never want to speak to again. and i will not deny that most of it is my fault, but when you try to apologise for doing wrong and try to make things better and your friends throw it back in your face and rub salt in the wound, then they obviously aren't good friends. i regret fighting with my friends, but all friends should be supportive no matter what.
and my ET friends are.

i love all you guys. i apologise before hand now for anything i may do in the future. i know i can be a complete bitch, and i don't want to lose any more friends.

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Written about Saturday 2006-06-10
Written: (5648 days ago)

Quote: "You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same."

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Written about Saturday 2006-06-10
Written: (5648 days ago)

I did a quiz on quizilla called "who is your dream guy?" expecting just a personality result. and to see if i could stand him enough to actually love him.
but instead i got this: (btw *drooool*)

Ahh...your dream guy...oh, your dream guy...He is so perfect he seems too good to be true. He’s ultra HOT,VERY smart, a great friend, and believe me...an amazing lover...You are one lucky little...girl to be with him...I have to say that I really envy you. He’s almost perfect ...and he loves you with all his heart. You two will be very happy together. Your relationship will be filled with passion and romance, with love and hate, with sadness and happiness, with everything you need...You will be his salvation and he will be yours. Your love is real... and no matter the price you cannot walk away from love...(and btw...his eyes ARE white)

Anyone else wanna pounce on him?

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Written about Sunday 2006-05-07
Written: (5682 days ago)

heres a question want everyone to answer for me :)

"what do you think when you talk to me? when you see my face, what do you think?"

thankies everyone!

love yas to bits xxx

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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-02
Written: (5687 days ago)

Ah miss Becca!!! ><

i haven't talked to her for ages and ages and ages ><

*stands all alone with Bill*

Will i see you on saturday? *pouts*

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-30
Written: (5689 days ago)


there are so many things going o in my head so this is completly randomised.

firstly, STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!
secondly, ARGH!!!!
thirdly, love completly suck and so do guys

i'm beginning to sound emoish already
so i'll say this, i don't wanna die, never have never will, and se;f harm, in my opinion, is kinda stupid and attention seeking

for those of you who go to Seton Burn College and know who i'm talking about, i'm also beginning to sound like sarah, aka grease bomb/flatface/penguin.
this is not on purpose

i merely need to rant, say whats on my mind before it causes me to start screaming at my friends and then make my life bad by cause them all to blank me for being a bitch
so i apologise for dropping people in shit... NOW

why does he never care?
why do sooo many people think stereotypically?
why do people follow the media like sheep?
why do i feel this way about him?
how can i make it better?
CAN i make it better?
why am i so obssessed over these things?
why can't i just be happy all the time?
why can't i just get over it all?
get over him
why can't i be what everyone wants?
Why do i feel so.... crowded? over shadowed? un-wanted?
i know my family and friends love me, so why do i feel so alone?

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-29
Written: (5690 days ago)
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this is gonna sound soooo dumb but i have only just realised how much different boys are to girls....

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Written about Wednesday 2006-04-26
Written: (5693 days ago)


its cora's birthday soon and i need to know who's gonna come and celebrate with us in town ^^

please message me with what time you can be in town

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-15
Written: (5704 days ago)
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if anyone can tell me how to resize pictures, please do, i'm hopless

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-09
Written: (5710 days ago)

i won't be online very much tomorrow. ((10/04/2006)) got too much to do.

i'll be on for tuesday though

night night everyone xxx

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-09
Written: (5710 days ago)

i have never cried over a guy, yet here i am, completely crying my eyes out, un able to stop myself.

its all because of him
i hate him for doing this, but as soon as i think of him, my heart jumps
everything reminds me of him

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-08
Written: (5711 days ago)


i think i shot gun would help everything go away

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-08
Written: (5711 days ago)

there is a phrase that states "no-one is perfect"
in reality, everyone is perfect.
its just the people we know, see, grew up with, can't see it
have your parents ever said they thought you were perfect?
thats because they know!
perfection isn't recognised as perfection anymore, but what we feel perfection is

eg, guys. they see perfection in a girl as the following:
1. slim
2. completely gorgeous
3. smart? ((although some guys would want her to be as dumb as possible so she can't speak her mind))
4. no problems in her family
5. never depressed- having negative thoughts
*6. completly beauitful in everyway*

the reason i have put stars around that last one is because its the most important
although we aren't all slim, good looking, smart, always happy because of our surroundings or just positive attutude, everyone who has a kind nature, is perfect.

as long as your kind to people, and treat everyone with the respect they diserve, you diserve to be called perfect. no matter how you look

which brings me to my next point.
just because we diserve all of this, doesn't mean it happens. with the magazines and newsarticles, pictures and posters of models that we see everyday are so stereotypical, that no-one thinks for them selves anymore
its pathetic!
of course there are people who think for themselves and don't care what other people think, the poeple who know what i'm going on about and know that they themselves are perfect. the others- people who have friends, good looks, lots of potential to make their dreams happen- do not admit all of this because of the stereotypes in the media.

so really, because of all what i have just said- the media has taken away the veiw of perfection.
everyone is perfect. anyone who says they aren't, need an attitude ajustment.

and if that doesn't work, a good ol' smack in the face

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-02
Written: (5717 days ago)
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why can't i stop thinking about him?
i sat and thought about going to the cinema to see a movie that had been advertised. i thought instantly about going with cora and phi phi. Then i thought about going with him. i started to day dream about sitting at the back and making out- i know- cheesey. it seemed so real to me. i could feel his shirt under my hand and his warm hand on my cheek and shoulder. i found myself smiling... and now i'm writing this.... i need to hug him again. i need him here with me. i sooooo wish he lived closer. it would be so perfect.

just the thought of that daydream makes me want to loose weight all the more. i might make a character for him....

speaking of drawing- i'm gonna draw a manga version of the picture from the best day ver... with all of us on- me, phia, becca, demi and sean. i can get a picture of cora and ut her on the end XD

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