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Written about Saturday 2006-04-08
Written: (5769 days ago)


i think i shot gun would help everything go away

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-08
Written: (5769 days ago)

there is a phrase that states "no-one is perfect"
in reality, everyone is perfect.
its just the people we know, see, grew up with, can't see it
have your parents ever said they thought you were perfect?
thats because they know!
perfection isn't recognised as perfection anymore, but what we feel perfection is

eg, guys. they see perfection in a girl as the following:
1. slim
2. completely gorgeous
3. smart? ((although some guys would want her to be as dumb as possible so she can't speak her mind))
4. no problems in her family
5. never depressed- having negative thoughts
*6. completly beauitful in everyway*

the reason i have put stars around that last one is because its the most important
although we aren't all slim, good looking, smart, always happy because of our surroundings or just positive attutude, everyone who has a kind nature, is perfect.

as long as your kind to people, and treat everyone with the respect they diserve, you diserve to be called perfect. no matter how you look

which brings me to my next point.
just because we diserve all of this, doesn't mean it happens. with the magazines and newsarticles, pictures and posters of models that we see everyday are so stereotypical, that no-one thinks for them selves anymore
its pathetic!
of course there are people who think for themselves and don't care what other people think, the poeple who know what i'm going on about and know that they themselves are perfect. the others- people who have friends, good looks, lots of potential to make their dreams happen- do not admit all of this because of the stereotypes in the media.

so really, because of all what i have just said- the media has taken away the veiw of perfection.
everyone is perfect. anyone who says they aren't, need an attitude ajustment.

and if that doesn't work, a good ol' smack in the face

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-02
Written: (5775 days ago)
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why can't i stop thinking about him?
i sat and thought about going to the cinema to see a movie that had been advertised. i thought instantly about going with cora and phi phi. Then i thought about going with him. i started to day dream about sitting at the back and making out- i know- cheesey. it seemed so real to me. i could feel his shirt under my hand and his warm hand on my cheek and shoulder. i found myself smiling... and now i'm writing this.... i need to hug him again. i need him here with me. i sooooo wish he lived closer. it would be so perfect.

just the thought of that daydream makes me want to loose weight all the more. i might make a character for him....

speaking of drawing- i'm gonna draw a manga version of the picture from the best day ver... with all of us on- me, phia, becca, demi and sean. i can get a picture of cora and ut her on the end XD

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-02
Written: (5775 days ago)
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wheeeeeeeeeeee a quiz XD

1: Who are you?
2: Are we friends?
3: When and how did we meet?
4: Do you have a crush on me?
5: Would you kiss me?
6: Would you have sex with me?
7: Give me a nickname and tell me why you picked it.
8: Describe me in one word.
9: What was your first impression of me?
10: Do you still think that way about me now?
11: What remids you of me?
12: If you could give me anything what would it be?
13: How well do you know me?
14: Whens the last time you saw me?
15: Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't
16: Are you going to put this on your diary/presentation and see what I say about you??

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Written about Monday 2006-03-27
Written: (5781 days ago)

there is a new wiki in my story contents... please check it out if you've read a lil or i have told you about my characters.

or y'know.. read some then check it ut so you can be part XD


loooove verli/franki

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Written about Thursday 2006-03-09
Written: (5799 days ago)
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Before I start I want everyone involved in this rant to know that this is not being mean it is speaking what is on my mind and giving an opinion. If ya don't like it, then tough, its how i feel. XP

Firstly, since when has it been okay to smack your friends over the head with a extra huge ruler??
And since when has being mean shown affection?

If your friends don't like you for who you are then they really aren't friends at all are they? Real friends should like all of you and leave you when you want to be left. Not pick at your bad qualities because they pop up more often than usual.
Also, its common sense to deal with your own problems.
And especially not tell them to someone evil and intimidating.

Like today. I was doodling on Rachels drawing like she always does on mine. FOR A LAUGH
Straight away she started whining and saying it was mean. As soon as i open my mouth to say what i think, Laura comes in and tells me to shut up.
Its just not nice.

Then in PE, she 'advised' me to open up more and tell people about my problems. I do. I just don't tell her because i feel that i can't.
I tell sarah everything. She doesn't usually listen but i still tell her some then leave the rest for when its just me and her. I tell cora everything because she listens and doesn't pick at anything. I can also relate to her.
Cora= good friend
Sophia=good friend
Sarah=pain in the arse, but moderatly good friend
Laura=demon woman
Sam=imatation of demon woman
Jamie= ...guy!
Edward = (apart from being lampost) friend
Fay= good friend
Zoe= moderatly good friend

All these people are the people i talk to basically every day.
Not all of them are on ET, but i see them at school (Bad point).

Anyone who startes to rant about my rant against me will be acused of not paying attention.
What this is, is me speaking my mind to everyone who has had simalar things happen to them or just want to read something for good quality etertainment at laughing at other peoples pathetic rants.
Laugh away...

...In fact i'm gonna have a lil laugh too. "hahahahahaha"
¬.¬ done.

A lil note for all those people who i hang around with at break and lunch times.
From now on, i will be spending my time outside or in a separate room with anyone who wishes to join me.
Hopefully you will have a better time and therefore, will stop being so picky. I mean that from the top of my head.
poop to anyone who wants to laugh and call me 'gay' or 'pathetic' or 'huffy cow' or anything in tose kind of groups.

There, my rant is done, have a laugh XP

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Written about Monday 2006-02-20
Written: (5816 days ago)

who saw supernatural last night?


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Written about Sunday 2006-02-19
Written: (5817 days ago)

hee heei drew a picy!

its pwetty, put when i put it up... you will not see it on my page...

as it will be sent in a message to... becca!! XD cuz its of her!!

its looooovely!

skanned but not yet coloured!

XD happy franki. xx

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Written about Saturday 2006-02-18
Written: (5818 days ago)


for all the people who hate valentines day!

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Written about Saturday 2006-02-18
Written: (5818 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-14
Written: (5822 days ago)

w00t!! i'm back!!

damn valentines day!!!

why do all those fucking cads have to have no names on??!!


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Written about Thursday 2006-02-09
Written: (5827 days ago)


i miss everyone so much!!

...especially rachie!!

love franki xxx

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Written about Wednesday 2006-02-08
Written: (5828 days ago)

i´ve been on a spanish computer... it was crud...

if you weren´t on, i´m really sorry i missed ya.

love franki

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Written about Friday 2006-02-03
Written: (5833 days ago)

This is Cora Linn posting for Franki upon her request...

I'm on Holiday!!! Whee!!!

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Written about Sunday 2006-01-22
Written: (5845 days ago)
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thank you to the ONE person who read that.

i wil shoot the rest of you now.


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Written about Sunday 2006-01-15
Written: (5852 days ago)

read my diary entry- Thursday 2005-12-22

or i will shoot you

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Written about Friday 2006-01-13
Written: (5854 days ago)
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anyone who thinks poets suck, then you are all fuckers!!
e-mail me saying either -poets suck- or -i am a fucker-

if youagree with me that poets are the best thing since sliced bread, e-mail me saying -damn straight!!- or -poets rock mah socks!-

to help you decide, i have made a wiki with my favourite poems. so take a look, then lemme know if you agree or disagree. thank you. -Diaelo-

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Written about Thursday 2006-01-12
Written: (5855 days ago)
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this really hurts--

i hate pe and i will never do it again (willingly)

damn he/she teacher!!

i tripped over the skipping rope while doing circuit training and sprained the ligaments in my right foot. so i'm borrowing my uncles walking stick... missing geography though!! yay!

and i got to rie in a wheelchair!! yaaaaaaaaaay!!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-01-03
Written: (5863 days ago)
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feeling extreamly upset now.

my bro was saying et was a pido chat room to his girlfriend. my dad overheard and has said he doesn't like me going on so i think he's gonna ban me from it. my mum said she'd talk to him but i doubt it'll work. :'(

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Written about Tuesday 2006-01-03
Written: (5863 days ago)

why does everyone have to go away when i come on?

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Written about Tuesday 2006-01-03
Written: (5864 days ago)
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[*~entry of seph/rocker19_86~* yo dudes and dudettes. i thiught i'd share this with diaelo too! yay! hmmm.... maybe instaed of having my wiki... i can have half of the actual page... hmmm.... evil ideas coming... demon ideas.... heh heh heh... bye!]

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