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Written about Thursday 2012-12-06
Written: (3334 days ago)

I just gave up watching an episode of Fringe (S05E04). Can someone tell me why this is boring as hell? I used to love Fringe, but season 5 is as fun as watching cancer grow on your body. But I can't tell what the difference is and why it's so awful now.

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Written about Monday 2012-10-22
Written: (3379 days ago)
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Yea, all my experience from Elftown and Elfpack tells me exactly this:


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Written about Monday 2012-09-24
Written: (3407 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2012-08-27
Written: (3435 days ago)
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So some updates:
Busy as usual this time of the year, but now I'll get back to the real life in front of the computer screen.

I also got a roomie. A very friendly French girl.

Not so much important except that, I guess.

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Written about Monday 2012-08-20
Written: (3442 days ago)
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101 meter! That is impressive! <img:44166_1164145147.gif>

But he did have a good tip to the professional javelin athletes: Go out and drink heavily the day before, and you'll be more relaxed, explosive (as long as you aren't dehydrated, I assume, but maybe that helps too) and definitely less nervous.

My aunt who competed in shot put always made her longest puts when she was feeling somewhat crap. But sad, I just saw she lost the women 45+ Swedish record now :( Hm, but this was interesting: http://www.world-masters-athletics.org/records/outdoor-women Jump over 1.25 meter as a pole vault lady, and you'll get a world record! But running 5000 meter for a 80 year old lady in 26 minutes 56 seconds is fucking awesome for a 80 year old woman!

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Written about Friday 2012-07-20
Written: (3473 days ago)
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<img:stuff/cr-gif.gif> Sad news. Klimpen, sort of a mascot for Elfwood, has passed away. He was as old as Lilo, born in 1999.

On the good side, Lilo is still very well and will hopefully remind you about your friends' birthdays for years to come.

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Written about Monday 2012-06-18
Written: (3506 days ago)
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The Elftown Meme Page was fun!


Has happened quite a few times...

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Written about Monday 2012-06-04
Written: (3519 days ago)

Sorry for being a little mentally offline lately. Just a normal "Bah, it's spring and I don't feel like doing anything useful at all". Now it's freakishly cold here, so no spring in sight, summer even less, though...

I got a little stuck on Memrise (www.memrise.com) too. I've planted some 800 Spanish flowers/words now and I have to keep watering them. <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif> I guess it's a better game to be addicted to than other things. Unfortunately my conversations in Spanish still tend to be restricted to "business development" "human resources" "horny" "one-night-stand" (apparently 4 of the words you really need to learn as a total beginner).

Next week total abandonment is happening here, most things close, friends leave and "Summer-Ryd" appears. That will be boring as hell, but I guess a little nice in the beginning. Hopefully I'll have some jobs to apply to or some work to do at least.

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Written about Thursday 2012-04-19
Written: (3565 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2012-04-09
Written: (3575 days ago)

So I educated myself a little about these MMORPG games as I've never played one. I tried Perfect World as it's free and I have a friend how can help me out a little (and damn, that was needed, especially the first hours when I didn't get any help... Took me one hour to find the jump-button as I tried everything except space...).

So far I'm mostly getting bored. Going here and there and doing stuff that is either too easy or in one case, too hard. Bah... I guess it's way more fun if I manage to join a group and so, but I'm not sure if I'll continue to play.

At least I know a little about how it is to play now, even if I've discovered very little.

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Written about Sunday 2012-03-25
Written: (3590 days ago)

It has been quite hellish days lately. First my computer crashed and couldn't boot on Thursday evening. Then I tried to create a working disk to boot from on Elftown, but when I tried to make sure Elftown could boot normally and installed a boot-block on Elftown, that old disk simply gave up and crashed Elftown that couldn't boot either now. So I'm stuck with two useless computers without any media too boot from, and Elfpack's computer that for some unknown reason can't be logged into locally (only remotely).

A friend asked me to take a beer with them and I went out and had the time of my life on Friday night, which was easy as everything was more fun than a life broken into pieces with the computers. But I also got a USB-stick from Alexander with an Ubuntu system on it. Tried that next morning, and of course Elftown's computer refuses to boot from it for unknown reason. But I went and borrowed a disk from Alexander also, and then the stick worked to install from, so I had a system to boot from.

The system-disk of Elftown was quite messed up. Lots of small files were missing. Like some of the Roxen Webserver's files, some of the Elftown files (the server code, not your data because that is on another disks) and /etc/shadow (which made logins impossible). It was pretty easy to fix though, but a little problem as I hadn't got my own computer fixed yet. The only really sad part not is that one backup-script didn't work properly, so the guestbook, diary, forum and member data from after 2012-03-17 was lost. That will not happening be happening again as I set up the system differently now.

Then I gave up on trying to rescue my computer's system disk as it just didn't work for unknown reason. I have no idea if it's corrupt files or the Mandriva updates that made it broken. I had way too much stuff installed to have any clue what could make it during startup continue to write:
Starting Stdio Syslog Bridge
Started Stdio Syslog Bridge
Starting Stdio Syslog Bridge
Started Stdio Syslog Bridge
Starting Stdio Syslog Bridge
Started Stdio Syslog Bridge
Starting Stdio Syslog Bridge
Started Stdio Syslog Bridge

indefinitely (at least 12 hours).

So I wiped the system disk and installed Ubuntu on it. I have no previous experience with it and I find the window system annoying, but otherwise things seem to work fine and it was damn easy and quick to install from that USB-stick. So eventually I guess Elftown will be running on Ubuntu too as I don't want to fiddle with two different Linux distributions. But I'll not upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.

On some other issue, I'm really searching for a job, but I totally suck at it. There are a lot of offers, but nothing even worth spending time on sending an application to. But if you need some consulting for Javascript, SEO and similar, I'm happy to sell you some hours. Just pay up and I'll find people who know how to do anything! ;)

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Written about Sunday 2012-02-19
Written: (3625 days ago)

So... Top 3 best things happening today (try to do this exercise every evening and ask your friends about it too):

Actually really liked V for Vendetta, even though I don't have patience for such movies anymore.

Got some stupid nice message... :P

Realized that simply woking noodles, spenach and chicken can be quite good in its simplicity :)

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Written about Saturday 2012-02-18
Written: (3627 days ago)
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I've read movie reviews, but I still kind of need some more good tips. Friends with Benefits review was OK, but not that suitable...

I need some movies that are fun, not annoying or embarrassing and not too complicated so that you can watch it on a pre-party. No damn complicated story or emotional roller-coaster! It can be disgusting or horrible, but it kind of needs to me funny too.

If you have any tips, tell me, or write a review ;)

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Written about Wednesday 2012-02-08
Written: (3636 days ago)

I really need to learn Gimp better, because I suck at it. But I made some nice election posters for the Swedish anti-demokratic parties:


English translation: "Vote for me because I want to send you to jail for downloading 20 movies. " Only the green party, the ex-communist party and the Pirate party seem to think it's a bad idea to throw half a million Swedes in jail.

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Written about Monday 2012-02-06
Written: (3638 days ago)
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Perfect for your gala dress!


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Written about Tuesday 2012-01-03
Written: (3672 days ago)
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Yay! One more reason to not miss season II! Just imagine the warm fuzzy feeling you'll feel when you know that these people who really really hate the show, still have to watch it to write about it!


(Is this fake, by the way? I don't care. Funny as hell anyway and great promotion for the show!)

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Written about Thursday 2011-12-01
Written: (3705 days ago)

Network problem all day, but luckily Elftown wasn't affected. It took a lot of time and energy from me though. <img:44166_1164145048.gif>

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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-11
Written: (3756 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2011-10-10
Written: (3757 days ago)
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I hate the new Gimp! It's even harder to get anything done! Grrr! The damn Tool Options window went missing and it took ages to find it again.

Oh, well, finally:

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Written about Saturday 2011-10-08
Written: (3759 days ago)
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Some people think the free market is the best solution for everything. That just isn't true. For example, to really screw people, you need help from the government.

What amazes me, especially for Europe, but also elsewhere, is how failed the society is to get young people into work. Most people are lazy, uncreative and pretty stupid, but that isn't something new. What is "new" (It has happened before) is an education that simply doesn't fit the society and both governments and people themselves don't put enough effort into it.

Unfortunately all protests seems to be about feelings and belonging to a group. Sorry, but you don't solve a problem like that. But yes, it can be a first step. But not in the current way. We need a new system where all the morons out there together can make really wise decisions.

What we don't need is new ideas... Really! We need to try all the ideas that already are out there! There needs to be maglev in vacuum tube personal rapid transits across the globe, e-learning that is way better than traditional learning (I just signed up for http://www.ml-class.org/course/auth/welcome because I ate my own propaganda...) and a financial system that is immune against fraud and "religion".

I also think it's important that people understand that not all the shit that is happening, is because the governments are in bed with a few big capital, but there is also a very natural trend. The thing is that most currencies have become less and less worth. At the same time, the cost to produce products have became even less. So the ones, except the criminals, bribers and politician-buyers, who have become rich are the owners of land and raw materials. This can somewhat be negated by putting less taxes on work and more on raw materials, land and polluting.

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Written about Monday 2011-10-03
Written: (3764 days ago)
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I tried to watch Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S04E01-E02 during the dinner... Fail! I just had to turn it off because it was painfully boring. I just didn't care about anything that happened. Not that anything happened; it was just stupid ideas flying around my screen. Watering my plants and doing one more round of cleaning turned out to be a blast of fun in comparison.

It seems to be like one of the things that happens to TV-shows. I never liked The Clone Wars though and if I do, I get the horrible smell of prequel puke all over me.

But this gave me an excuse to write all sort of crap about the TV-crap that is currently on. So let's begin the totally useless babble that will probably not enrich your life in any way:

To start with something positive, The Game of Thrones really made an awesome season final. I know there are a lot of fans of the books here, but while I'm watching the series, I'm quite happy that I haven't read them. It makes everything more exciting.

How I met my mother is starting to feel old, but it still hasn't lost it. Not like 2½men how was starting to get to "boring crap" (instead of funny crap, as it was before), but without Charlie it really invented itself again. If old the other brother could die too...

I also started to waste time on watching Lost Girl. It's pretty good, but nothing special, and it disturbs me that I don't find the succubus hot at all. But the doctor and Kenzi are cute.

And the last episode of True Blood... I was so happy that I don't have to watch that for quite some time again. It's like a damn car crash - I can't help looking, but I don't like it at all.

Fringe is also back, but it feels slow. And unlike others, I didn't much care for Doctor Who's season final. It was a little funny now and then, but I'm simply not on that wave-length. Merlin on the other hand is pretty nice after all, but I really wish it wasn't so damn TV-polished. Sacrifice and kill than damn king some time and get it over with! I want to see some Merlin+Dragon ass-kicking!

Supernatural is also back. It goes on... and on... and on... It has its really fun moments, but it's not going anywhere. While on the other hand, Big Bang Theory strangely is going somewhere, which I thought was impossible.

So that's it. Now go and waste more time somewhere else!

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