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Written about Monday 2012-02-06
Written: (3269 days ago)
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Perfect for your gala dress!


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Written about Tuesday 2012-01-03
Written: (3303 days ago)
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Yay! One more reason to not miss season II! Just imagine the warm fuzzy feeling you'll feel when you know that these people who really really hate the show, still have to watch it to write about it!


(Is this fake, by the way? I don't care. Funny as hell anyway and great promotion for the show!)

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Written about Thursday 2011-12-01
Written: (3336 days ago)

Network problem all day, but luckily Elftown wasn't affected. It took a lot of time and energy from me though. <img:44166_1164145048.gif>

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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-11
Written: (3387 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2011-10-10
Written: (3388 days ago)
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I hate the new Gimp! It's even harder to get anything done! Grrr! The damn Tool Options window went missing and it took ages to find it again.

Oh, well, finally:

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Written about Saturday 2011-10-08
Written: (3390 days ago)
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Some people think the free market is the best solution for everything. That just isn't true. For example, to really screw people, you need help from the government.

What amazes me, especially for Europe, but also elsewhere, is how failed the society is to get young people into work. Most people are lazy, uncreative and pretty stupid, but that isn't something new. What is "new" (It has happened before) is an education that simply doesn't fit the society and both governments and people themselves don't put enough effort into it.

Unfortunately all protests seems to be about feelings and belonging to a group. Sorry, but you don't solve a problem like that. But yes, it can be a first step. But not in the current way. We need a new system where all the morons out there together can make really wise decisions.

What we don't need is new ideas... Really! We need to try all the ideas that already are out there! There needs to be maglev in vacuum tube personal rapid transits across the globe, e-learning that is way better than traditional learning (I just signed up for http://www.ml-class.org/course/auth/welcome because I ate my own propaganda...) and a financial system that is immune against fraud and "religion".

I also think it's important that people understand that not all the shit that is happening, is because the governments are in bed with a few big capital, but there is also a very natural trend. The thing is that most currencies have become less and less worth. At the same time, the cost to produce products have became even less. So the ones, except the criminals, bribers and politician-buyers, who have become rich are the owners of land and raw materials. This can somewhat be negated by putting less taxes on work and more on raw materials, land and polluting.

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Written about Monday 2011-10-03
Written: (3395 days ago)
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I tried to watch Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S04E01-E02 during the dinner... Fail! I just had to turn it off because it was painfully boring. I just didn't care about anything that happened. Not that anything happened; it was just stupid ideas flying around my screen. Watering my plants and doing one more round of cleaning turned out to be a blast of fun in comparison.

It seems to be like one of the things that happens to TV-shows. I never liked The Clone Wars though and if I do, I get the horrible smell of prequel puke all over me.

But this gave me an excuse to write all sort of crap about the TV-crap that is currently on. So let's begin the totally useless babble that will probably not enrich your life in any way:

To start with something positive, The Game of Thrones really made an awesome season final. I know there are a lot of fans of the books here, but while I'm watching the series, I'm quite happy that I haven't read them. It makes everything more exciting.

How I met my mother is starting to feel old, but it still hasn't lost it. Not like 2½men how was starting to get to "boring crap" (instead of funny crap, as it was before), but without Charlie it really invented itself again. If old the other brother could die too...

I also started to waste time on watching Lost Girl. It's pretty good, but nothing special, and it disturbs me that I don't find the succubus hot at all. But the doctor and Kenzi are cute.

And the last episode of True Blood... I was so happy that I don't have to watch that for quite some time again. It's like a damn car crash - I can't help looking, but I don't like it at all.

Fringe is also back, but it feels slow. And unlike others, I didn't much care for Doctor Who's season final. It was a little funny now and then, but I'm simply not on that wave-length. Merlin on the other hand is pretty nice after all, but I really wish it wasn't so damn TV-polished. Sacrifice and kill than damn king some time and get it over with! I want to see some Merlin+Dragon ass-kicking!

Supernatural is also back. It goes on... and on... and on... It has its really fun moments, but it's not going anywhere. While on the other hand, Big Bang Theory strangely is going somewhere, which I thought was impossible.

So that's it. Now go and waste more time somewhere else!

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Written about Tuesday 2011-09-27
Written: (3401 days ago)

I've spent entire yesterday, all the night and this day on fixing my computer. A lot of problems!

The the damn crappy BIOS, lilo and grub that sometimes refuse to work with 2GByte partitions. It took me ages to figure that out.

Now I've "stolen" Krill's (Elftown's extra and Elfpack's backup disk) and wiped it to make it have a small partition in the beginning so that I can boot from it without pure luck (as I had the first time I installed my disk, but as the disk now is placing the boot-images too high up, it can't boot).

And Google was totally unhelpful too :(

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Written about Thursday 2011-09-15
Written: (3413 days ago)
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I don't have a computer at the moment. It died last night.

So I might not be on so often. I can be here during the working days though. And hopefully, I'll get my new hardware tomorrow afternoon, but I don't count on that.

It might also be hard to update Elftown if that is needed.

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Written about Wednesday 2011-09-07
Written: (3421 days ago)
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Written about Sunday 2011-09-04
Written: (3424 days ago)
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This was great!


Just 25 strips so far.

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Written about Friday 2011-08-26
Written: (3433 days ago)

Gnnn... Another Ad Network had to be removed from Elftown due to its crappiness. The Kontera mouse-over a word ads was in conflict with the Project Wonderful ads. I basically only have the Project Wonderful Ads to be visible among other webmasters and to get a few very good and cheap ad-spots on a handful other sites. But the Kontera ads crashed an old version of Opera. Not good! Even though it's Opera's fault. (I didn't bother to check if it works in later Operas).

Advertisers should by my ads from http://www.text-link-ads.com/?ref=349698 instead! ;) They are very nice.

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Written about Thursday 2011-08-25
Written: (3434 days ago)
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An interesting analysis of the first message you send to someone. Even though Elftown isn't a dating site, the rules are really worth thinking of here too:


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Written about Saturday 2011-08-13
Written: (3446 days ago)
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[BadCat] is visiting. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

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Written about Thursday 2011-08-04
Written: (3455 days ago)
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Soon time to meet [LazyJenny] for the first time <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

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Written about Monday 2011-08-01
Written: (3458 days ago)

LotOfExercise: Being in the sun, biking a lot, swimming way too much and getting a sunburn that
looks like something Lilo puked up... I'm so done. In at least two ways.

But I'm apparently not the worst. Two possibly Pakistani guy in traditional Muslim clothes where lying almost passed out at the parking lot (This is the first day of Ramadan) when I was on the way home from a suddenly too cold BBQ.

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Written about Thursday 2011-07-21
Written: (3469 days ago)

And that was flash number 4711... One of them really hit the building next to us. I've never seen so many thunder-strikes here even thought the thunderstorm isn't that bad. It's just that the lightning keeps hitting here!

Luckily there is no problem for the power supply. Elftown is on an UPS, but not even the normal power has any problem. It's probably because it's so wet everywhere here that none of the lightning blots hit anything else than a lot of very wet ground.

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Written about Friday 2011-07-01
Written: (3489 days ago)
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As if I didn't have a long enough list of stuff that I want to implement on Elftown, I'm now checking out Google+.

Well, the good news is that I found nothing useful there. I know it's just a pre-alpha or something, but shouldn't there be something useful? I can put friends in different "circles", but that is like creating a wiki-page or forum on Elftown, but more useless. And the photo-upload on + is one of the most useless I've seen, even though the Android app for direct upload of photos seems nice.

An mobile phone app that uploaded an image to Elftown would be also be very cool. I'm not an Android developer though.

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Written about Tuesday 2011-06-28
Written: (3493 days ago)

Nice! I got a fine sponsored link on Mainstreet (middle right). This simple text-link actually pays more than the annoying crap that was there before.

I guess the advertiser really like the Google Pagerank points from being linked from here. And it's damn much better than those damn virus-ads, of course... And it points to a nice serious blog.

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Written about Monday 2011-06-20
Written: (3501 days ago)
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