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zinny's Art

It has a crunchy zest to it.

This looks much better in person, but isn't it true of all art? Meh. Mara's Retreat.

Medium: Ballpoint pen
Approx. Time to Make: 5 hours

I think I did ok with her. The hand towards the back is a bit funky, but hey. ChangeStaff

Medium: Pensil
Approx Time to Make: 13 hours

This is Mort. He is a ghoul, and he wants to eat you. Or... he might just adventure around a bit and THEN eat you. Maw of the Fallen

Medium: Pensil, Inverted with standard HP scanner editing.
Approx Time to Make: 8 hours

Grarag Thrull. I didn't take much time on him... Meh. He'll still kill yas. No Title (feel free to give me ideas...)

Medium: Pensil
Approx Time to Make: 2 Hours


I have a tendency to look at you in the eye,
And say "You look better with your hair down."
I will take the chances you give me,
And give no chances that I don't want you to take.
I only dress well if I want you,
And I'll admit that I'm jealous of your man.
I do things simply,
Even when I know they are complex.

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