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One weekend of every month, my Fiancee and I attend Darkenings... Secretarial gatherings of underground Vampires based within Opryville, Tennessee. Amongst others, we consume an offering called, Viluptuine Eurovictus... A frothy blood-based nectar we let salve our throats and bodies. The lids of our eyes shade and our hair grows gray, one strand each time we're offered the goblet of thick liquid. Short hair is a sign of distrust and anxiety among Brethren of the Darkening, and therefore are sentenced as those who cut themselves, wrist-over-wrist, with the forge of Dom'ain Ra, our idol of silver, the sanguine of thirst.

Aleria, my Fiancee, or... Re'noir... Took this photograph of me when I had been off guard during my first time I became susceptible to the goblet's contents. Flash had been disabled due to our Brethren having difficulty concentrating indirect amounts of radiance.  

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