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xidoraven studios

See also, the xsnet

     "I just had to do it. I thought about it; I thought long and hard about it. I was pulled in many different directions inside myself, but ultimately it was the people around me who finally convinced me to take hold of my dreams and run with it to the end. This is that dream in the making."

     "The immediate question arises: What does this plural 'studios' do? Do they simply make artwork? Hasn't that already been done?"

     "This is true. Production in the arts sector can be excruciatingly competitive, and - with very little client-to-crafter networking - it can be daunting to find the right connections at the right moment. The studios' Marketing Segment would attempt to clear that up. In addition to allowing artists to work their craft, we would also help them to build a stable platform from which to market their talents and ideas in a way which would end up being beneficial to both studio members' creative careers, as well as to the arts community in general."

     "I welcome you to check out the idea, and please keep watch. As I have more available, more will be posted. A full business plan is in the works, and a website is coming soon thereafter. and will end up being a hub for artists of all backgrounds to connect, communicate, coordinate, create, and market themselves and their skills, as well as to help further the skills of others. This is the creative business of the post-modern era, and we are willing to make it in the name of the talented people of Earth. Gaia children, bring your flowers baskets; the wild prairies are alive with the coming bloom."
-- [xido] (R. William Thompson)

This company concept includes two affiliated web sites:
  - :: Primary Production and Marketing Site
  - OR :: Online Social Network (mixture of and capabilities)
    - (Facebook Application - 'thexsnet')

Business Plan Draft #1 .pdf file:

Company Concept Outline .pdf file:

Web Site for Draft #1 .zip file:

Company logo Black and White portion A #1 .png file
<URL:stuff/xidoraven_studios_bnw_01.png> AND

[xido]'s work: xs_work-xido

[Torr-maat]'s work: xs_work-torrant

Username (or number or email):


2008-01-14 [xido]: I would like to put the following WFR pages under the publication usage rights of xidoraven studios as of this year, pending online page renovations:

Jashnia & new Jashnian_Cosmology (from the realms of existence)
Inath & the Epicene
Grammaticum Primeaval (new - Book_of_Words) & Fantasy Languages software concept

WFR Member d20 Content
Creature_List (WFR Beastiary) & WFR Player Races (both translated into WFR d20 Beatiary Content
The Tiamat Chronicles - Niberuan Ancient Earth Realm RPG
Terra_Quanta (d20 Modern/Future Earth Realm / Paradoxical Earth Realm)
Land of the Mists OR The Land of the Mists - new: Land_of_the_Mists

2008-01-14 [xido]: Because WFR is going to be given priority status in the Literary Arts segment in 2008, the following changes will need to be made to any wikipages currently hosting content that may be published under the studios' direction:

All OGL d20 mechanics content will need to be placed on D&D Wiki pages (formatted) =
All Information and Content will need to be placed on passworded pages without viewability, until it is moved into the public content domain (ie, Jashnia_content / Selenar_System-info, etc.)
Public content and Open Gaming Area (Commentable pages) content will be placed on the originally named pages (ie, Jashnia / Selenar_System)

Open Gaming Areas Page Template
Private Content Page Template
Publication Organization Template
D&D Wiki WFR Template and Info

To Do:
legal -
financial - resource and services needs
notation, authorship, and copyright

We post d20 OGL Content on D&D Wiki
We RP here in the ET wiki
We post hidden content on private ET wikipages - also forum: <forum:secret forum>

2008-01-26 [xido]: Test:

We've invited RJ Softwares to join our business concept in 2008, and are awaiting their responses with patience and understanding.

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