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In High School especially, I was really into the darker, alternative scene. I didn't like the stuff that alternative stores like Hot Topic had, that sort of thing always seemed too...common, for me. Somehow, I stumbled across, and I still visit the site to this day. is an interesting site, for people with interesting needs. The site looks quite plain on the front page; the background is fairly simple and the rest of the page is broken into categories by linked images. These categories include

Home Decor,
Jewelry, &
Store Info

Some of these categories are fairly commonplace on most sites, however a few of them don't usually come up on many shopping webpages. The Entomology ( section here, though, provides customers with chocolate covered insects, Scorpions in Cellophane, Jewel Beetle Brooches and more. The Zoology section (, a favorite of mine, makes available Cane Toad Coin Purses, Freeze Dried Pirahna, Bats in Jars, and more. I actually own one of the Bats in a Jar, courtesy of my ex, who kindly presented me with one on our four-year anniversary. Medical supplies here include pens which resemble syringes, x-rays of animal bones, bone saws, corked vials, glass eyes (animal's and human's), and many other things.

The jewelry section offers jewelry similar in fashion to that which Hot Topic sells, but some of it is quite a bit more original, like a human tooth necklace (real teeth!), real dove claw/foot necklace, Pygmy Seahorse in Vial Necklace, and so much more. The above mentioned are just in the "necklace" section of the shop, there's still "earrings" and "bracelets" to explore. is a fun show all around. Whether for the serious buyer or the curious passerby, the site provides some interesting products for either purchase or viewing. I recommend checking out this site either way. I've gotten some really cool stuff from it, and you might, too! :)
/ [Nioniel]

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2011-07-22 [Alexi Ice]: I was thinking necromancy...I'm slightly disappointed. LOL.

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