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Have you ever heard a song in a video game and wished you could listen to it over and over again? Well this website does just that. It is a huge database of video game songs across most all consoles with hundreds, if not thousands, of songs from numerous different games (They even had the Dig Dug theme song).

They have them all catagorized alphabetically by game title, so if you know the games title you can click the letter and skim through the list to find the game and the song title, and all the songs from a game are grouped together so you don't have to go searching (Duh, alphabetical). The best thing is that once you find the song you really like you can download it to your computer and then listen to it through your Media Player (Whatever one you have as far as I know)

The only real complaint I have is that I have found a song or two from a game that is not in the list, and there is no "continuous play" option on the website so once a song is done you have to manually pick another song to listen to or download it. Other then these small problems it is a great site that I would recommend to all my gaming friends.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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