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These magical wolves has various colours and are a strong survivor. Would be a good companion if tamed and treated properly.
Very loyal and very suspicious.
Can get up to 50 years old if lucky, normally it stays at 45.
The height from it's neck reaches to the hip of a normal middle age human.

They're skill are to Heal others. Though they don't heal anyone.
They only heal if they are appreciating and loving someone so hard that they have to.

They do not heal anyone by any other circumstance then if death is close.

They are called the Wolves of God or the Wolves of Angels. Alot of nicknames have been put on these creatures.

They also dislike humans in common. They see humans as a vey small minded race and does not often get along with humans. But there have been a few and rare cases where this has happened.

They are loyal, calm and very patient of nature.

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2007-09-29 [Light for the Darkness]: lucky you!! lol I am trying to learn piano and its getting better for me.. if I keep practicing! lol it gets better all the time though!

2007-09-29 [7sevin7]: thats awesome i tried the piano but never learned how to play by note i just went by ear

2007-09-29 [Light for the Darkness]: I know right handed and I am trying to teach myself left handed and still leard to read right handed.. it takes me a while to learn a song though.. I know Castle on a Cloud. its a song from the musical Les Miserables. and then I know parts of uhhh... Heavens Light(which I know all of that part but its another part of Hells Fire or something like that. and then something else I dont remember.. oh and Do You Hear The People Sing, which is also from Les Miserables. lol

2007-09-29 [7sevin7]: bravo, my instruments are easy. you can play multiple ovitures and all that weird stuff with pianos

2007-09-29 [Light for the Darkness]: lol yea. it gets confusing sometimes

2007-10-03 [wolf of angels]: i used to play violin, and clarinet, i am always doodling, I still pick up the guitar, i took a year course on pinano but i really din't like it. so now i am switching my interest to writing poems. typing, and learning german language. 

2007-10-04 [7sevin7]: aw thats kewl i wanna learn Japanese but my school only offers Spanish and French so im learning Spanish, due to a required foreign language to graduate

2007-10-05 [wolf of angels]: yeah me too. we have to take 3 years of the smae language in order to graduate and it sucks. they offer geramn french and Spanish. I am taking german.

2007-10-07 [Light for the Darkness]: that sounds fun! haha we have some friends from Africa and they want us to learn Swa... hili? I spelt it wrong more likely but uhhh.. yea.. and then there is french, Latin, and uhhh German and Greek on the way I think... haha I love learning new things

2007-10-10 [wolf of angels]: yeah me it's like wicked awesome to be chalk full of knowledge. Just kidding. I really want to learn to speak Bosian. everyone in my school seems to... well okay no everyone but every class out of 30 at least 4 do.

2007-10-13 [Light for the Darkness]: lol thats cool. Bosnian? or whatever? my mom says I look like I am from Bosnia... haha... I dont know why...

2007-10-13 [7sevin7]: *shakes head confused* why?

2007-10-13 [Light for the Darkness]: why what?

2007-10-13 [7sevin7]: why, why what?

2007-10-26 [Light for the Darkness]: I dunno. I'm really confused!!! -shakes head in confusion-

2007-12-07 [wolf of angels]: no body talks on here we should liven it up get some banners turn this into a wiki again. anyone agree?

2007-12-08 [Light for the Darkness]: I agree but I cant get on often.... I dont have internet right now... sorry...

2007-12-08 [7sevin7]: its weird kiss every time your on you have i different name <img:44166_1164903254.gif> i have to guess if its you or not

2007-12-15 [Light for the Darkness]: lol thats kinda funny!! is this one easier? lol

2007-12-15 [7sevin7]: idk i just think its funny

2007-12-25 [Light for the Darkness]: lol it is funny!

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