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2011-10-12 07:18:27
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As close to a wip preview that I'll ever get. Here we have "internal organs". Bonus points for anyone who recognises the painting this references.
/ [iippo]

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2011-10-12 [iippo]: Still struggling to decide about the eyes. I like the Silvish idea of just leaving them white and irisless - heck, it's almost scriptural so I would have a good reason to do it (rather than the real reason of "I don't know what to do so therefore I will do nothing"). Though it's not exactly scriptural, since the description of the Lord's eyes is more like "eldsl├ągor" (waves of fire?) so in my mind's eye they should look more like... certain kinds of street lamps that look like flaming eyes. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there, aka when all 15 drawings are ready bar eyes. I want to leave that as the last finishing touch before calling them "done". Fortunately most of them don't have visible eyes, this is one of the rare ones. 

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